Sunday, 30 November 2008

18th Birthday

Some of the balloons I had floating round the house we still can't move for balloons and even the cats are not bursting them lol.

This is the badge I bought James to wear but he refused told me he wasn't wearing any birthday badge at 18 lol.

These are photos of the front of the house which we decorated only for James to be really embrassed. I had balloons going down the side of the drive too and on the garage. It was that bad he wouldn't walk down the road I had to meet him outside the house but I hid the camera behind my back trying to take photos bet the neighbours thought we were really mad.

18th Birthday

This is the cake I manage to get done at Waitrose and boy is it yummy.

My dear son James on the morning of his 18th birthday. I now have a toy boy in the house lol.

Friday, 28 November 2008


Last Saturday I went to my local craft shop and did a spot of stash shopping I only went for some thicker papers so I could make christmas bags with my cricut this is what I ended up with. And still not enough to give everyone a christmas bag so I am off again if I get chance. The 2 papers on the top with 'Joy' on and the green one I am using as a chrismas layout but the others are for my little bags.

Victorian Papers

I was going through a box of papers that were being sold for 30p per sheet and came across these beautiful papers. I am going to save these till next year now and make them into Christmas cards but I was surprised to find them at 30p each.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

18th Album

Here is the front page what I did to James' 18th birthday album. Well I thought it was the last page apart from the last 3 which were about his 18th birthday but No.... I have one more to do either a school photo as a teenager or something else as a teenager.

Well I have used the background paper from the Male paper pack from Dovecraft, used a demin blue card based with like a glitter sheen on which I have cut on my cricut using Basecamp and just got some metal initials.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

5th Birthday

Just thought I would share with you how my parents celebrate their dogs birthdays. The dogs (Bichons) who actually think they are human and not dogs were 5 years old on the 4th November. Dad got some champagne in to celebrate and mum arranged a cake with their names on. They even lit the candles and blew then out for the boys. Yes quite mad but my Nan living with them is making them verrrry mad so whats new eh!! The dogs do prefer vegetables to dog food anyway we normally hide some dry dog food in with the veg. Must admit the cake was gorgous and so was the champagne. A picture of Tinky is on the top couldn't catch Corky.

Monday, 17 November 2008


Thought I would share what I purchased from the NEC on saturday. Not alot really nothing much took my eye it was mostly cardmaking and stamping but as I decided to delve into stamping again bought some inks and a couple of stamps along with cardmaking bits and pieces. Was really dissappointed with the NEC this year.

Poem Cj

These are from the cj that I did for another forum. The cj was called Poetic Places. They are basic but the peom I chose was rather long. I chose 'Dover Beach'. I just inked the edges of the paper and added some PM metal embellishments and some paper flowers.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Children in Need

Yesterday at school us dinner ladies were handed a photocopy of Pudsey which we were told to colour in and make into a badge of some kind to wear today for children in need. I found that all the childrens felts and colours were off so my wonderful DS scaned the photocopy onto the computer and using photoshop coloured it in for me. We then used a red skittle to glitter his bandana and once dry laminated it and I am just going to fix a safety pin on the back so I can pin it on my top at work. If the school don't like it they can do it themselves next year.

Fantasy Cj

This is a Cj which i have done its the Fantasy Cj for a cirle journal I am doing on UKS. I really didn't know what to do with this one and was in two minds to do this the Unicorns or the Romance of Lancealot. I decided to go with the Unicorn theme. Sorry about the bad scan on the poem but the papers are the same they are from Lakeland but really nice pastal colours. Just used cream and stone buttons.

Christmas Tags

Here are some sample tags which I did on my cricut these are of a medium size I have done some smaller for the advent swap and I will be doing some larger ones for the larger presents for the children. I have just used some red card and the Joys of the Season cricut cartridge and added some curling ribbon. These have a Snowman and a Teddy Bear on

Monday, 10 November 2008

Altered Journal

I have managed to do this altered journal for my swapee in the advent swap I just hope she likes it. I know she likes handmade stuff and the colour purple so did it in different shades of purple. The bottom has come up a pinky colour but it is more of a lavender colour.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

More Recycled Cards.

These are all cards recycled from last year which I have layered onto card stock and added banners and peel offs. I just have to add some text onto the larger cards for sending off.

Christmas Cards.

A few more cards which I have matted and layered and added some brads and peel offs to.

Christmas Story!!!

I just mat and layered this and decoupaged the picture. I have done 3 of these and each one has come out different this is the only one that would take without it being too dark to upload.

Victorian Ladies

Here are some more Victorian ladies which I matt and layered but this time without the card being embossed with snowflakes.

Card Toppers

I found some Christmas toppers which I had bought when I first started to make my own cards so instead of them just sitting in a box gathering dust so to speak decided to use them just matt and layered again with brads in some cases and scraps of card stck and added to samllish card used the card in a different way and just added some peel offs and banners. Not very interesting but they are ok and I have used old stock.

Father Christmas

Here are a few Father Christmas cards I have done I had the scraps of FC last year when I went to the NEC and saw the mamelock stall and bought loads of christmas, animals, victorian scenes etc. I have just added some holly peel offs to the cards and used metallic red, lavender, green, pearl and blue card stock.

Recycled Christmas Cards!!!

Here are a few Christmas cards which I have made using last years Christmas cards and recycling them for this year I just matt and layered the pictures with card stock or paper scraps and added some brads and some odd peel offs with a banner. Some of the larger cards are missing the fonts which will be added later when I decide who is having what.