Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Playful Pets Cj

This was my 3rd circle journal on UKS its was a 'Pets' Cj and each of us chose a Pet subject me I just chose 'Playful Pets' as I love to watch my cats doing summersaults in the house when jumping for their toys or my parents two dogs running that fast it looks like they are flying.

Here is my completed Cj:

My front Cover using a paw print paper and chipboard letters.

My introduction and rules pages.

My page of my late cat Jess who died 2 years ago and sadly missed.

My New Play mate by Karlotta

Pilchard by Glitter fairy.

Oscar by dongee

Millie by sharonk

Bracken by gailie

All my bunnies by Binky

Carefree Style by willow the wysp

Bruno is so playful by Suzysuzy1

My sign in/out page.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My Name Cj

This is a Cj entry I completed about 10 days ago it was part of the CJ Lovers cj on UKS. I just loved this one researching my official name. Juliana I never use that name apart from official documents really. This was a great Cj and I just loved it might borrow this theme for another Cj.

Below is my double page.

Low Fat Food Cj

This is my 'Low Fat food' Cj which I got back in September 2009.

My front Cover

My Introduction and rules pages.

Above and below my pages which I did on Spanish Chicken

Cheese and Tomato Soup by Lynnew

Strawberry Yoghurt by RuthieB

Cheesy Garlic Mushrooms by Jennyin

Chicken and Pepper Stroganoff by Francis 2002

Curry by yummy mummy

Lentil Cottage Pie by Falocla

Honey Mustard Grilled Salmon by Minnie

Vegetable Lasagne by Ann35

The Sign in pages


The other week we have a most beautiful sunrise to wake up to, took a couple of pictures to show you but that was the only good bit of the day. You know the Rhyme red sky at night etc well that tune was so correct after the wonderful sunrise we had nothing but heavy rain all day I got drained at least 3 times that day.

Both the photos were taken through my window as I was not going outside in my Pjs what would the neighbors say lol.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Embelishment Cj

This is a Cj I have completed on UKS no photos were to be put on just embellish the page. I used some PM 8x8 papers which I thought was the right size for the Cj but when I measured though PM had short cut me but no the Cj was 8.5" square so I used some pear paper and lavender card for the enbelishments.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Ghost Cj

I haven't been putting all my Cjs on my blog and someone asked to see them I said well I haven't put any on my blog the answer well why not, so after that I have decided to put my circle journals on here.

Here is the first one called Ghosts.... I wanted ghost stories from the area you live in.

Front Cover with buttons on.

Above is the rules and instructions page.

Here is a story from the Ellowes Hall School there are lots of ghosts stories from this school as the land used to house a manor before it was bought for school purposes.

Above and below is the Station Hotel in Dudley where Most Haunted filmed once

Above is Ghost Legends of Wales by Bookworm

The white lady by Mistyrat

Essex across the Centuries by New2this

The Flowers by Sandy

Got this Cj back about February 2009.