Friday, 18 January 2013


These are just a few of the cards I have been working on. I am making cards for a Cancer Charity for them to sell and raise money. Just hope they are ok.

Back Again!!

Its been a long time I was on this blog I think after my shoulder operation I slowed down and didn't do half the things I used to. Last year was terrible my right shoulder went and now still waiting for a operation for the frozen joint. In June my Nan passed away aged 99 she was 7 weeks off her 100th birthday. The funeral was very quiet, I just couldn't accept she was gone. On August 24th We had to have my eldest cat put to sleep it was so hard to accept he was so ill because he looked so healthy but he passed away in peace he had Feline Dementia and was nearly blind too.
This is Tommy a few months before he passed away.
This is my Gran when she celebrated her 96th Birthday. She will always be remembered.