Saturday, 21 August 2010

True Love.

This is a layout for the challenge the team I am in are doing. The layout is of my BF who I adore.

This is the layout I altered slightly for my album I cut the circle out using my cricut and the hearts were cut from the cricut too and rectangle was something I added extra

This is the copy that will be going in the challenge quite basic but I like basic.

The font is 'Tear Drop'

Korky Dead.

This is our Korky It was such a shock to get a phone call this morning saying our cheeky money had died in the night I still cant believe I will never run up and down the garden with him again. But its happened he was 6 years old we dont know what was wrong with him but I am sure my parents will find out.

Korky you will always be with us in memory and we will always think of you. You were too young to die but maybe it was for the right reason we will never know.

November 2004 - August 2010.

Altered Journals

Below are two journals I have altered by covering in papers I got from Lakeland and some assorted threads and ribbons.

Above is the front of the book I added 3 flowers and put small buttons on top of the flowers and just cut a butterfly and a 'Z' out which I put some green and red glitter glue on.

This is just the inside cover and the bookmark which I used a 'Z' again.

This is the front of the book which I put3 pink buttons and a dragonfly charm and just added a 'J' and some jewel brads.

Again this shows the inside cover and the bookmark.

Disney Cjs

Here are the last two Disney Cjs I completed in the Disney CJ over on UKS I have really loved this CJ really bought back some wonderful memories.

Above is the RHS of the Disney Nights CJ this one is Cinderella in the glass coach with her prince charming.

Above is the front of the castle at night when it used to change colour we caught it with the blue lights.

Above is the Disney Cj on 'The Castle' I dont have many photos of the castle so ended up doing views of the front and side.

Home Grown Veg

We have managed to grow quite a bit this year including French and runner beans, Cucumbers (normal and the smaller ones), Tomatoes (cherry, beef and salads), Bell Peppers, beetroot and potatoes some of the things are still growing. Here are some photos of what we have had so far.

Above is the beetroot we have pickled this is just a small amount of the jars we have done so looks like we have stock to Christmas and beyond here.

Here is the first two bell peppers off the plant we tried this a few years ago without success so we tried again this year and we have loads on the plant so very pleased with this.

This is a small amount of the beans we picked we have so far managed to freeze 10 large freezer bag full of beans and we still have a few in the vines.