Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Here are some photos I took last night It was a wonderful sunset and I just had to take the photos.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Day 8 - 8th August.

The coach we travelled in named: 'The City of Cambridge' fantasic coach and very comfy.

Our last part of the journey home and again up very early 5.40am and was enjoying breakfast at 6.10am the breakfast was very good; fruit, yoghart, cheese, cold meats, toast, bacon etc. Headed off for 8am after handing our overnight cases to Tom at 7.20. We passed quite a few landmarks including a racetrack Micheal Schmacker had set up for the kids and big kids at heart. On our way we passed into Holland, Belgium and finally France and took the eurotunnel (I hate that thing would rather sail anyday). We met up with Nigel who was driving from Switzerland and we met at Eurotunnel. Once into England another change of watches for the correct time and both coaches stopped at Crawley so we could change coaches we were changing onto Nigels coach as he was doing the Hopwood Services, Dudley and Wolverhampton drop offs. Our coach was being used for the Birmingham and Walsall drop offs and a feeder was being used for the Lichfield drop offs. We arrived at our drop off point at 6pm where my Dad was there to meet us it was great to see him again but a huge relief to see my boys after a week away and finding out what they had been up to lol.

The Choo Choo which we rode in, in Mayrhofen round the town and area.

View over the River Rhine taken from inside the coach.

Day 7 - 7th August

The above is My mother and I at dinner the night before in the hotel evening meal.

Friday the 7th August we are off on our way back home today so early start. Up at 5.45 and finished putting overnight case together took all the cases down to Tom the drive for 6.45 and then went for breakfast and lots of coffee. Started off from Mayrhofen at 7.55 travelling all day and stopping 3 times. We arrived at the hotel in Germany at 6.20 washed and changed and we were meeting at 7.25pm for dinner buffet style. We are stopping at the Mercure Hotel in Cologne, Germany. Dinner was gorgous and we also had a large glass of wine too. We chatted a while before returning to our room and got most of the things packed ready for the morning. It was very hot in this room even with the air conditioning on I tried opening one of the windows but would oly open so far so we tryed to get some sleep.

Football stadium in Munich I took this from inside the coach as we passed by.

View from inside the coach as we traveled from Austria to Germany.

Day 6 - 6th August.

We decided to last night to have the last day to ourselves in Mayrhofen.

We got up at 7.35 today because we were doing our own thing and not do the optional tour so we were going shopping and the cable car but which side of the mountain we are not sure atm. The weather is dry and already warm and only just 8am. As we went out the hotel at 9am it was very hot so went back in to change into a sun vest. We wandered round the town and I just happened to land on a craft shop so bought some papers with the mountains on and ribbons and chipboard and wooden pieces for the layouts I would eventually do. The assistant gave me some ribbon as there wasnt enough to sell and its gorgous. Around 11.30 we decided to go up the right side of the mountain (yellow cable cars) so off we went camcorder in hand mun recorded all the way up to 1800m up. When we got there we noticed there was ski lifts to go higher so had a wonder and went on those it was great fun the views were awesome this took us to just over 2000m. when we got off there was a nice pool as we walked round there were millions of frog spawn and the views into the valleys was speechless. We had a cup of coffee which was really good and then carried on walking as I heard the cows and I had to get photos of my cows lol so we walked a few miles to find these cows and then went further there was loads of walking and cycle paths up there. This was where the paraguiders took off too. When we came down to the first stop we decided we would try the Ice cream up the mountain so stopped at this restaurent we had a table outside overlooking the mountains we chose a ice cream and when it came oh boy what did we choose in the glass was 3 apricots, plums, red berries, blueberries, black berries, strawberrys, peaches, 3 different types of ice cream 2 different types of cream a flake and 3 wafers wow but oh boy it was gorgous.

After a little wander round this section we decided to make the transit back down to the main street and I took the film all the way down the skys were busier then heathrow with all the paraguilders. We then decided to have a ride on the local choo choo round the town itself as alot of it we hadnt seen. It had been a fantasic day. Dinner was early today 5.45 as it was the farmers meal (buffet style) We packed our cases in the meantime early so no worries later. After diiner and drinks we went up to the balcony till 9.30 where we watched the street life and listened to the music entertainment below us and generally just talked.

Below are some photos from Mayrhofen.

Above is our Waiter he was a laugh and spoke beautiful English when we arrived he had only got married 8 weeks before.

Above some of the cakes from the Farmers meal.

This is of the hotel Owner who gave us all a glass of snapps each and our driver and courier.

Some more of those gorgous cakes lol

Above and below views of beautiful Mayrhofen.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Day 5 - 5th August.

We were up again early at 6.45 to get down for breakfast at 7.30. Its our trip to Lake Wolfgang today. Weather is dry Yay!!!

We set out at 9am and travelled along some stunning scenery we arraved at our destination at 11.45 for lunch at the hotel the company uses for their Austrian Lakes tours. Lunch was wonderful and consisted of Cream of vegetable soup, Beef, carrots, potatoes and a puree of spinach with a sour cream and a strudel and vanilla sauce and of course we had to have a glass of wine but when we had the wine it was a very large glass of wine lol. We wondered round the lake and took loads of photos and film and then round the streets and went in the church and tbh stayed in there longer then we would have normally done it was a beautiful church. We set off for Mayrhofen at 3pm and arrived there at 6pm it was a very long and tiring day but it was beautiful. My mother fell on the bed and fell asleep had to wake her up for evening meal. The weather was very hot today and views clear and spectacular around 30C today

My Mum at the hotel lunch time in Lake Wolfgang.

Above and below views of around Lake Wolfgang

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Day 4 4th August 2009

This is a Photo I took from the balcony of the hotel the hotel has a cafe underneath this balcony and this particular night the singers/entertainment decided to walk the little square singing it was wonderful to see and so funny too.

Well Tuesday we woke up at 6.45 to a wet morning and the bells at the church in the high street ringing it must have rung for at least 5 minutes. Mum wasnt too good today her top of the leg/hip hurts, this morning I was in agony too with my frozen shoulder. Musthave been the change from wet horrible weather back home and warm damp weather here in Austria. After breakfast and painkillers we walked to the train station to catch the little train that works the valley up to Jenbach it was a really nice 30 minute ride with gorgous countryside and villages. At Jenbach we changed lines to catch the Cog railway oh that was a fantastic ride all uphill into the mountails and at the top was a massive lake this is where we boarded the boat to take us across the lake to one of the local towns by this time it was raining yet again so we headed for the nearest hotel and it was like the whole party headed for the same hotel lol. We had coffee and a gorgous coffee and walnut cake (very naughty). On our return to Mayrhofen we decided to wander round the town we witnessed a massive funeral in the town church there were loads outside the church too with a screen we later found that 200 from the funeral where in our hotel and the funeral was a teenager (19) who died on the mountains trying to save a young child.

Pictures of the houses on the side of the lake we crossed today.

One of the hotels on the lake.

this is the Zillerbarhn that goes from Mayrhofen to Jenbach.