Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Nothing here!!!

Well not alot going on here the weather here has been very cold and wet today I suppose because I feel all bunged up with a cold and infection I feel so much more colder and out of sorts. I havene't done any craft at all today so perhaps I will do a bit later on today. I actually signed up to do 2 learn direct courses in Maths and English, they like you to do in one stage at a time so I am doing Maths first and when I have passed that will start on the English. Must do some more maths today but really cannot concentrate at the moment.

Still trying to sort my DS2 out with the school - the school is driving me up the wall at the moment so I am really considering going to the papers and having something put in there you know the feeling name and shame etc. He has not done a full week since they started back in September 2008.

Monday, 29 September 2008

New CJ!

I have signed up for two new circle journals this month this one is for another forum and the first sending is Wednesday. I decided to do Ghost sories either true or fiction but has to be from the local area to where you live. The Starts are my signing in page I have used the school where I used to attend and my children have/are attending there are lots of stories about the Grey lady that haunts the old library, science block and cookery dept and also about the hidden tunnels to Dudley Castle. The other is the Station Hotel which was on Most Haunted in series 1 or 2. I managed to get those ghost buttons at a garden centre the other week they are so gorgous and gives such a impact.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Here are some Christmas Victorian Ladies that I have matted and rounded the corners and then embossed the card. Sorry for some photos thats have come up blurred must have been flash back which I didn't notice.

Christmas Cards.

Yet More Christmas Cards!

Here are a few Christmas cards that I started when I was looking after my parents house while they were in Austria. All are 3D decoupage and the cards embossed with the cuttlebug snowflake or bauble design.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Christmas Cards

I managed to do 3 Christmas cards today I used two sheets of 12 x 12 poinsettia paper and 3D them using 3D pads and played around until I found what I liked and used D/Sided tape to the card I also used banners and tabs with christmas greetings on too. They are metallic cards but its doesn't show very well.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Happy 96th Birthday Nan.

On September 7th my Nan reached the grand age of 96 we had a small tea party for her of champagne and cake with family members. We really didn't think she would make it this far as in May this year she had a massive fall outside her house and was rushed to hospital she lost 4 pints of blood that day and a really bad cut up the leg but she has proved us all wrong. She is still here to tell the tale even though now is lives at my parents house. The card is what I made for her birthday the background is embossed - just hope it was ok for her.

Christmas Cards!

Here are 4 Christmas cards I did recently. They are all decoupage and the card is embosed with a bauble design or a snowflake design. The Robin one is the only one that is not embossed all have Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas ribbon on the cards.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tommy and Sunny

These are two layouts I have recently done they are both for my cat album these two are going into one album but I have a seperate album for my departed cat Jess. Sunny is the baby at 3 years old. I enlarge the photo of Tommy he looked very regal in this photo so deceided to enlarge it to give it a bit of wow factor. I used 3 strange photos of Sunny for this weeks challenge on UKS and it has worked to a degree. I am not over impressed with the layout of Sunny think some other colour should be included but the challenge was black and white. Sunny is another Jess sits with me all the time even in front of the computer while I am typing away.

Off to Learn-direct today for some assessments on English and Maths see if I can get my grades higher I never had a English Qualification as the school I went to said I would fail so never entered me into English so I have a point to prove really, its taken a very long time to try and prove it though. Maths I have the equal to a GCSE C grade so want to up that a bit. Hope I get through it.