Saturday, 24 January 2009

New Cj!!!!

I signed up to a new circle journal on uks the we have called the Cj Lovers cj our first pointing is 1st February. I decided because it was a open cj that I would do the year my youngest son was born 1993. I already have a cj when I was born and DS1 has got a cj which is nearly finished the year he was born to mark his 18th birthday so this would mark Andrews 16th birthday as he is 16 this year.

This is the front cover of the cj which I used some 6 x 6 paper stock in black/white for the front and back covers and used PM chipboard alphas and numbers.

The subject I chose for my entry to the 1993 cj is Ben Johnson when he got banned from taking drugs. I have used some light blue paper with white patterns on which I bought from a local craft shop and a mega blue star brad.

I used the same paper but added some blue PM ribbon and some maple leaf brads for this pages.

This is what the DLO looks like the tage is the sign in bit I saw it on a cj I did an entry in and thought oh that looks look so I have used the idea for this cj not sure whos the cj was now but if it is yours please let me know so I can edit this entry.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Cards and Plants

Well I have not uploaded for a while again but thought I would share some photos of my plant I have managed to grow from baulb.

I got 2 baulbs from Lidl for £1.49 each great value I though these plants are normally quite expensive so got a pinky colour and this deep red one. I have managed to grow this red one but have manage to get 4 flowers on two are in bloom but the other 2 are yet to open. Here is a close up and a full length photo.

My other one has decided that its not going to grow at all same room next to each other so same temperature etc but refuses to grow so I have ask Dad to bring it on in his house where its alot warmer as he has a Aga. Hopefully it will start growing very soon.

This is a quickie card I made for my male penfriend who is train mad I hope its ok for him he loves his puffa trains.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Jades Prom (again)

Here are some more pages I did for Jades Prom album I have got my Ds to blur out the childrens faces.

Here is the Limo at the school that Jade and her friends actually rode in and took a photo of the stretch Hummer that the lads came in with the music blasting out of the windows it really made me smile.

Jade with one of her friends in the school car park before she went into the hall at the school for the primary school prom.

Photos of the group of children Jade went in the limo with. I used a ballgown peel off onto blue velum to make the 3D dress on the page and did the same for the crown and assories.

Jade and her friends outside her old house before they moved in the summer, prepairing for the limo.

Jade in frount of the limo with her friends at the old house before she moved.

Friday, 16 January 2009

My Cats

I thought I would share some photos of my 2 cats Sunny (3 years old) and Tommy (11 years old)

This is Sunny curled up on some old cushions in front of the radiator he always sits here when I am on the computer and the heater is on.

This is sunny again but stretched out on the 2 cushions.

The two photos above are of Sunny again but on top of the harddrive during the day when I am on the PC I bought a Teddy from the Avon which you can warm up and I put it on the side and Sunny thinks its his bear so sleeps or sits with him.

The last photo is of Tommy he hates me and his photo taken hence turning his head to look outside. He has only hated me since I had to have his brother Jess put to sleep. There is a photo of Jess with DS1 at the bottom of the blog just 2 days before he died.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Prom Album

Here are some of the layouts I have managed to do for my friends DDs Prom album for her leaving Primary School. I have blurred out the faces of everyone except Jade.

Above is my front page which I did just of the school and the date.

This is the back of her hair which one of her young relations did as she was training to be a hairdresser. I used PM embossed paper and just used some blending chalks.

Outside the school where I took photos of the staff and parents gathered and one with her Year6 teacher and what was her Year3 teacher.

Just some fun in the Limo.

Jade standing infront of the Limo at her old house.

The last few photos are inside the limo and outside have a glass of Orange in champagne glasses it was a wonderful night for the children. As I said here are just a few I still have loads more to start on and complete.

Saturday, 10 January 2009


Oh wow its been a while since I updated my blog hasn't it! Well I have been rather busy sorting out family problems and now I have my own problems too but I will struggle on and come out the other side a much better person hopefully.

This is a display of silk flowers I have in my bedroom originally it was just yellows and then I added some oranges as I thought my cat that departed 18 months ago was eating them so I added the orange one then I found that my then baby cat took a fancy to the yellow ones too so decided to stop buying new ones till he got out of the chewing habit. Anyway over Christmas I popped over to my button lady and where she rents her shop from was closing dow so decided to look at her silk flowers managed to get some more yellows and a few reds reduced down I should have paid £14.00 for the flowers but paid just £6.00 so was well chuffed when I got home I found to my dismay that although baby sunny had stopped chewing my flowers I have a new problem my the name of 10 year old Tommy I went mad but these photos are of my display which so far has been untouched.

This is a photo of my new craft tote which my very dear friend bought me for christmas with embellishment and stamps inside I was so honoured to get such a present from my friend I love it especially as I love lavender this will be great going to crops as the other one I have is open topped so no good for the public transport.

I am now trying to do a prom album which I started last week it was of my friends DD last July when she left primary school hopefully she will like the end result I will upload photos once I have figured out how to blurr out faces of the other children.