Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Waterways of a secret Garden.

Here are some of the photos I took from different areas of the secret garden its one river from all accounts and a natural one.


Here is another section to the secret garden/walk it was a wonderful walk with lots of different areas.

This was taken from the Japenese garden area it was gorgous.

These roses are English roses with a perfume and were stunning.

The above is a close up of the bush below I actually have this plant I bought it as a memorial to my cat I didnt realise it grew that big until I saw it here and nearly fell over with shock I am glad we have ours in a pot so we can control the size.

Secret Garden

Here is part of the garden that we walked though it was fantastic looking at all the plants and the names etc were on plaques in front of us. Here are a few.

I don't know what these are but were in the wild flowers section it was gorgous just walking though that.

Above and below the same flower just one is a close up and the other is just a distance photo of all the flowers.

Yellow Lupins

Orange and red Lupins

These were Blue going into Lavender Lupins

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Garden Plants and Veg.

Well I did say I was trying to get up to date with my blog. Here are some photos of our flowers and some produce which my Ds1 has managed to grow and some are verrrrry good.

The above is my DS in his greenhouse tending to his tomatoes and cucumbers.

Above is one of the smaller cucumbers he managed to grow I sometimes tell him they are corgettes in disgise. They are rather big cucumbers.

This is the first lot of carrot balls we managed to grow we have since then got another 2 loads and there is another ready to dig out the garden too. I was so proud of him with his carrots.

Above and below are photos of a couple of our Lupins we love lupins and must have about 7 different plants in the raised bed colours vary from white, deep blue, light purple, pink and some other colours which we are not sure of yet.

Here is a lilly which we didnt realise we had we knew we had loads in the pots which should have been white and orange and ended up with deep red and white but this was a shock to us and the colour is gorgous.

We were given this plant last year and took it out of the pot so it went into the garden to go natural with all the snow and cold we thought we had lost this plant until we noticed in June it started to flower now all the others except the one we kept in the pot have flowered.

The above are large daisys my DS agreed to have a few daisys which my father put in a bag all balbs along with other flowers so just using pot luck we planted in the raised bed and put the rest in the front and in pots we now have a carpet of daisys its looks gorgous but I think most will have to be moved at the end of the year lol.

The above are what my DS grew from a very small seedling and transfered to a pot when it was big enough so many different colours he did a wonderful job.

Cards and Cjs

Well here I am trying to catch up with my blog this entry is the CJs and card I did in July.

Above is a card I made for one of a casual dinner lady collegue she was 60 just after we left work her birthday being on the Sunday as we finished on the 17th we arrange a bouquet of flowers for her too.

This is the Coast Cj I did I found this quite hard as all the coastal photos I had my two sons were in every photos so I took a different route and downloaded some pictures from the internet. I added a number of different pictures and added text under it and put some shells on each page.

This is the one Cj I was not looking forward too it was far out of my comfort zone and it was Gothic characters I went for teh Fallen Angels the only thing I know about Goths is they used Black, Purple and Green. I used Black and red for this layout and it seems to have worked ok with the subject I chose.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

RIP Jess

Sorry been AWOL its been manic here.

This last week has been a sad time its was two years ago this week that we had to make the hardest decision of our life and have our wonderful cat Jess put to sleep.
The anniversary was friday the 17th by the day but the 20th by the date.

Here is our beautiful Jess..........

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Favourite Place Cj

This is the Cj Lovers Cj that I am doing on UKS. I love all these subjects as everyone is so very different. this one was on 'My favourite Place' it could have been in the house, garden, day trips or holidays. I chose my last holiday to Disney Florida where we stayed in the Coronado Springs Resort in Disney it was fantastic. I took my mother on this holiday who is anti Disney and came back loving it and telling everyone how fantastic the holiday was and how wonderful the hotel was.

This Cj was made from Coffee Filters and think I am going to copy the idea if I can.

This is the LHS of the Cj and shows part of the Reception/Restaurents etc by the lake.

This is the RHS

This shows the full view of the Coffee Filter Cj.


My cats they can be such horrors one day and such cutie pies the next. Bless them for all the different characters they are I love them to bits.

My eldest cat he loves his comfort - I had just taken the winter blanket off the bed when this photo was taken and bam he jumped straight onto it and made himself at home and went to sleep.

This is my little terror always into something or other, here he is trying to get under the tablecloth which he didnt quite do and it was great fun watching him try. He had me and my DS1 in stitches watching him.