Sunday, 20 July 2008

Jess 1 Year Today!!

Its been quite a sad day we have had candles burning in memory of our beloved cat Jess who died 1 year ago today. He is still missed very much by me and the boys. It hit us hard last year and DS2 still gets very upset just mentioning his name.

Lets hope its gets easier as time goes on. Jess you may have left the physical world but in our hearts you are still with us. God Bless.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Food and Drink cj

This is the entry I did to the Cupcakes and Muffins Cj I did a recipe from the Weight Watchers Food book and did herby muffins which takes the place of bread in this one very low fat and is very tasty.

Pets Cj

These photos are from my entries to the Pets (past and present) Cj which has now finished and I loved doing every entry to this cj. These are pictures of Sunny and Tommy doing what they do best sleeping and playing up but looking dead cute.

Lamb Cj

These are photos of my entry for the Lamb Cj which I did for the Food and Drink Cj which is being run on UKS. I enjoyed this entry although at the start I didn't think there was that much options for Lamb I went through a few cook books and came up with this Rosemary and Lamb one pot roast its from my Weight Watchers recipe book so its low fat too.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Nothings Going on Here!

Not alot happening here I have nearly completed Jades memories scrapbook an 8 x 8 of all the teachers she has had in her primary school life I have left a few words for her just hope she likes it. Her prom went very well and she had a beautiful dress (see photo below). I am about to tackle her prom ablum in a 12 x 12 and would love to find lavender/jade/pastal girly colours for her. I have completed 2 cj entries this month already and really pleased with them. I had another cj returned home to me too and that was gorgous all about our playful pets.

On Monday I went to see the KS2 summer performance called 'A Night on Broadway' doing bits of popular films and shows it was a fantastic afternoon all the children should be so proud of themselves. I am off to see Jades leavers evening on Thursday night and that will be a tear jerker, better take plenty of tissue that night.

I will try and upload some photos of my cj later on.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Jades' Prom

Well at last it arrived seemed ages coming round and then zoomed round so quick. You were dressed so gorgous and grown up you looked 16 not 11 years old. Jade thats it your last week as a primary school girl. Now you can look forward to attending you new senior school. Hope all goes well for you in the future.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

This is a card I made for my mothers birthday in June her birthday falls 1 week after my sons birthday he was due on the same day but with one thing and another decided to come a bit early. Anyway the card was of a Bichon Frise she owns two Bichons so the subject was great. So far we have had 4 Bichons the last two died at 18 years and 16 years so these have a while to go yet at only 4 years old. Dad loved this card and even now has kept the card up for people to see I can't believe that card is still standing should have come down weeks ago. I must make a start on my christmas cards I normally start about March but because I have bought a load this year I have delayed making them this year. I think its the postage really as I do alot of decoupage and thats what puts the postage up quite a bit.

Sunday, 6 July 2008


Here is another horse layout which I have done. I am please with how some have turned out but still not sure if I have a flair for scrapbooking at the moment.

Its been a busy weekend this time. Went shopping at Merry Hill for odds and ends before my Nan goes into a Old Peoples Home on the 20th July she is only going in temperary for 2 weeks while my parents go on holiday but Nan seems to need everything new. Also went and got her some reading material and while in WHSmith saw the Fonz from Happy Days signing copies of his new book. I was looking after Nan in the afternoon while my parents had 3 hours of me time on their own away from caring for Nan. Today wasn't too bad had dinner down my parents which was yummie isn't it funny how dinner tastes so much better when you don't cook it lol. Nan was giving so much of her jewels to me and the boys (she thinks she will die very soon) the one watch she gave me is very old and the cameo that is coming to me which she did show me was her grandmothers. She has also asked me to have her engagement ring too.

Tonight I have sorted all my horse layouts into their own album and its looking good so far still have loads to do though think this will keep me busy for quite a while.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Whats Going On!

Hello again!

Not alot going on here at the moment we are in the middle of decorating well I am supervising my 17 year old son is doing the painting we chose feather for the lounge, when it first went on I thought omg what have I chose for the lounge it did look a dirty grey but since it has dried its a pleasent colour and really freshened the room up.

I am trying to scrapbook my horse photos this month doubt if I will win the challenge but I am having a go I have done 2 layouts so far and I must have about another 50 good photos of Owyn to do. Might not do them all might just put some in a photo album which I have just bought and its says its acid free.

James has gone out for the morning with his Grandad to Birmingham which is great for both of them quality time together. Andrew my youngest he is 15 and he is being picked up from school today for a interview at a local cattery for his Year 11 work placement just hope he behaves himself and is well mannered and polite like I have taught him to be all his life.

I thought it was going to be a nice warm day today but in reverse its quite breezy but at least its dry. I will upload some photos of my layouts when I get chance.