Thursday, 26 February 2009

Ribbon Cj

This is the Cj I have done for the Ribbon Cj I joined the Cj Lovers CJ on UKS and this was the first subject that came to me.

I was rather stumpted with this subject as apart from tieing ribbon onto tags or fixing on the side of a layout I just didn't know what to do with it.

The above is different types of ribbon which I plaited and just did a wavy design with.

This is the left hand side and I used plain and pattern ribbon with I layered with a holographic ribbon on the top.

I am not very impressed with this entry but I just couldn't think what else I could do with ribbons and I have loads.


This is a layout I did a few days ago. Thought I would do a nice summer holidays photo as the weather is starting to pick up..

I used paper from Poundland, a large bloom which I cut in half and used them as corners with large brads on I had the embossed sun from a 12 x 12 embellishment sheet which I added a brad in the centre and a palm tree from the sheet too, just cut the title and the tag from my cricut using Plantin Schoolbook. The photo is of my eldest son then 14 and my mother walking back to our apartment room we were in block 15 but just a short walk from wonderful views. It took like 5 mins to walk down to the complex for dinner and the swimming pool but ......... 15 mins to get back up the hill unless we used the minivan.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Maze Book

Here is a maze book I have made for the team on uks I am in. We were all making a mazebook and sending direct to our swapees. The person I am sending to has some cats so decided to do that subject.

I used some green paper (she loves green) for the pages and used Basic Grey to cover the covers, the ribbon I used I received in a swap too. Inside the book I have added cat quotes and some tags and metal embellishments. I used some chipboard which I got from £land and inked it up and just added a brad and alphas to spell 'Catz'. Really hope she likes this as I think this is the best one I have done so far and this is my 2nd or 3rd one tbh.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

New Cards.

Here are two birthday cards I did the other night at a rush because I forgot it was their birthdays.

The above card is a leave with some flowers and a jewel brad with a flower I cut from card years ago and some jewels on a wire.

Again a large leaf with wooden embellishments and a 3D butterfly at the bottom.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

1st Days.

This is a layout I did of DS1 on his first day at primary school and 1st day at secondary school I was going to do seperate layouts but think I must have given his dad a few photos and i was short.

Used stickers and paper from poundland chipboard letters to spell 'James', i used a tage from the MK from the recent UKS cybercrop which reads' Your first day at Roberts in Reception with Mrs Beattie you loved that teacher. Then your first day at Ellowes you didn't look big enough to go there but you loved the school'. James is 18 now and cringes at these photos lol.

Broken Window.

This is a photo of what the local yobs did and yes I will call them yobs they are in either year 10, 11 or 6th form think I know him but can't prove it well they threw a snowball at 11pm at night and bang..........

One broken window, I did call the police they have actually given me a crime number and booked it as criminal damage so at least something is being done but I think I am a target here as the kids from the local secondary don't do it to any of the neighbours only my house so really am considering moving house. I had it reglazed with laminated if it lay to me I would have had vanderlite in and let the stone bounce back and hit the litter blitters but...... it doesn't look very good in a private property so laminated went in. To add insult to injury the kids started throwing again on the afternoon see if they could brake any more so I phoned the police again they did come round what the one said about the local kids is unrepeatable.

More Snow!!!!!!!

This photo shows even more snow coming down we were just getting rid of one lot and the next came down I love trying to capture hailstone or snowflakes but somehow they are just not clear enough.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Daughter Cj

This is the entry I did for the Lucky Dip Cj on UKS. This cj was about 'My Beautiful Daughter' the lady supplied all her own photos and we chose the ones we used. I have to say she is a most stunning young lady.

This is the left hand side of the cj i put the photo on the angle to give it more depth and used PM alphas I can't remember the make of the papers but thought lavender would go well with the papers just added a few blooms.

This is the right side of the cj. Sorry about the flash back I kept this photo straight so I could use the title Iwanted 'True Beauty' I set some small primas on the two corners of the photos to off set the rose.

This is how the two pages look. I hope Penny likes this for her daughter I am always a little scared when using someone elses photos.

Holiday Cj

This is a entry I did for the Lucky Dip Cj on UKS. This was the Holiday cj where the owner supplied all her own photos.

The above photo was having drinks somewhere so used a Lakeland pink paper with a pink/orange ribbon from Papermania.

This was a photo of the hotel so I gave it a sandy/yellow paper which I got free out of a magazine and used some embosable designs sunglasses and map to give it a bit more then a hotel I also used a tag under the photo so she can do her own journaling. Just hope she likes the effect.

Monday, 2 February 2009


Here are just 2 photos of the front and back of the house today.

This is the back with the greenhouse my son is so proud of;

This is taken from the front of the house we are on top of a hill and the buses had fun today trying to get up.

More Prom Layouts!!!!!

Here are the last few layouts to Jades Prom album.

I gave the album to Jades mum ther other week and she just cried but saying that I knew she liked it as every time I saw her the album was in her arms showing everyone. Jade just has to do alot of writting on the tags now.