Monday, 27 April 2009


Above is a picture of the mushrooms we managed to get from our mushroom compost in one go some were massive I couldnt believe how big some were. The picture shows the amout as the basket they are in are from an old plant. I cooked them tonight and DS1 had them in wrap form which he said were delish.

This is a card I made this morning using a die cut decoupage of a rose this one was very easy to to I have used this type of decoupage before and I have still had to cut round some areas but this was fab no extra cutting needed.

This is a layout I did ages ago but never managed to get the tags done it is me when I was expecting DS1 he was born in November 1990 and then a picture of me with my now Ex-husband when I was expecting my DS2 he was born in June 1993. The paper is Karen Foster.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Spring has sprung

These are our tomato plants which we grew in the house and transplanted over to the greenhouse at the weekend. We normally do very well with our tomatos but decided against the black and yellow ones this year.

This is our first ever raised bed last year we have our main crop of potatoes in there but once they had been pulled we decided to have it has a flower bed this picture is with the daffs, tulips and primroses in there with a few cottage flowers.

This is a photo of a very deep purple tulip we didnt realise we had this colour especially in the pots on the patio but found we have 3 so far.

These are my gorgous cats sunbathing in the sun this morning I managed to get this photo quickly as they dont normally lie in the same room let alone together. The sun must have gone to their heads today.

Cutie Pie

Here is a layout I finished this morning of my DS James this is when he was 2 1/2 - 3 years old how times have changed he is 18 now and such a handsome lad. He had such a cute but cheeky face back then and hated to be dirty.

Monday, 13 April 2009


Well I am now up to date with the 12 months, 12 projects challenge lets see how long that lasts lol.

On the above I put my journaling on a tag which is behind one of the photos. I used Scrap Works Cool Boy, added some corners from Lakeland, PM brads and assorted flowers and the glitter butterfly is from a craft store in Peterborough. The photos I used were the boys in the garden sorting the potato plot out, my two cats just looking out the window and they are together too which is a miracle in itself and my mothers day flowers off the boys.

This is a layout I did because I printed the photos the same time as my challenge photos and they were photos from March. I used Bazzil CS, SEI cat paper, Paper adventure for the backing of the photos, PM brads, cat stickers from the woodstone collection, the cat and paw prints are what my mother bought back from Hawaii and the fish and cat face I got in a cat swap on UKS. I have left a space for some journaling.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Chocolate Flake Cakes

This morning I decided to make a batch of crispie chocolate cakes for the boys I know they are teenagers but they still love these cakes. I used Bran Flakes instean of Rice Krispies or Corn Flakes.

The above is me melting the Chocolate in a bowl over my bottom part of the steamer, using the Dr Oetker dark chocolate.

This was stiring in the bran flakes which I think is the hardest part of making these cakes.

These are the finished result before I put them in the fridge to set I managed to get 9 muffin sized cakes out of the block. They taste really good too.


This is my page for February for my 12 months 12 projects challenge for my 12 x 12 album.

I used a mixed amount of flowers and PM bradsin light and medium blue, I backed the photos using Paper Adventures and used PM embossed silver/cream cardstock. I added a rose coloured boarder (rub on) and a running stitch rub on to the edges. I hid my journaling onto a tag which I have put behind one of the photos

Thursday, 9 April 2009


This is another layout I have done for the 12 months / 12 project challenge its for my DSs album on a year of the garden.

I used PM cardstock, some paper I got free with SI Mag and I just used my fancy scissors for the edges added some brads, flowers and doodles. I am going to be adding a tag for under the photo with some journaling on.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


This is a layout for my sons album for the 12 months, 12 Project challenge.

I am doing a year in our garden and see how it changes month by month.
I used some paper which I got free with an old SI mag and paper adventure for the backing of the photo. Just added some rub ons, PM brads and a couple of flowers. This album is 8x8 as its easier for DS. I am a month behind with his album but will be on time very soon pity I can't keep on track with both as I am 2 months behind with my 12 x 12 one.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Oatbran Cake

On the last week of the school term I decided to make an oatbran cake its a very easy receipe. Well it must have been very good as it was all gone in 2 days so on Sunday decided to make another and here is the result.

Above is the full cake on a plate. If anyone want the receipe just pm me.

This is a picture of a slice of the cake sorry its a bit blurred think it was camera shy lol.

Childhood Poems Cj

I joined a Cj on UKS a while ago now and this particular one was 'Favourite Childhood Poems' this was going to be hard I thought so went though the list of poems and found these two. The first I'm a little teapot was taught to my brother with the actions to keep him quiet and when my two boys were growing up I used to sea it to them. The next came from my childhood and my Grandmother was forever singing this one, 1, 2 buckle my shoe.

I used some PM 8x8 papers and some sticky ribbons to follow through the two pages and just added some flowers and brads to the 2 pages.

Sunday, 5 April 2009


Made this card today its a image backed onto card and then bronze flowered foil paper used as backing with 4 small brads I raised the image using 3D pads.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

More Cards!!!!!

Used mamelock picture backed onto gold card and then bronze foil paper as the background and used 2 buttons which says 'Happy Birthday'.

Same as above but instead of the buttons I have added 2 dragonfly brads and a 'Just to say' banner.

This is a gold/red peel off which i placed on red card and chinese card as backing and just added some extra chinese peel offs.

A silver peel off which i put on black DCWV card and added a ribbon which i threaded throught the item and just added more chinese peel offs

Image backed onto pearl card and used the chinese card and just added 2 small brads and a banner at the bottom.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Oriental Cards.

I have started on some Chinese/Japanese cards this week as it has seemed like forever since I have made a oriental card.

I love this theme but sometime I am really lost for inspiration/ideas.

Both cards have velum as the backing paper and then I used the images backed onto pearl coloured card. I have used one of my fancy edge scissors for the edges to the velum.

Well I have finally broke up from work and its now two weeks of pure bliss which started when DS1 came back from college and he opened his envelope to find he has passed his ECDL Level1 in computers I am so pleased for him he is already sitting level 2 but loves this course. Last night we found a massive spider in the lounge it was biger then my hand so today I have moved furniture out of the lounge and hovered everywhere the amount of spiders we have hoovered up is no-one business lol I hate spiders but big ones omg I can scream for England. Well if anymore come in the house its through the air vents. I have also had DS2s exam dates come though for his re-sits of Health & Safety which is equal to a GCSE level B and his GCSE Maths so he has a date to aim for now he has been revising since he failed the maths last August or not fail but a disapointing result.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Its a Frog!

Here is a card I did today. I found all my old card templates out yesterday from when I first started card making and thought I would use them again (something different anyway). Here is the frog card I did

I used an embosed cream card, some green and silver sticky ribbon down the two edges and the Frog is a 3D frog I cut the complete frog shape which is stuck down with D/Sided tape and then cut the face of the frog again to use as a 3D part. I used just plain A4 green card and penned two eyes on the frog. Sorry about the flash back.