Saturday, 27 June 2009

Birthday Boy!!!

On the 17th June my youngest son Andrew came the right old age of 16. He left school in May at still only 15 which I still think is not right especially as he is a SEN child.

Anyway here are a few photos, we celebrated with a special dinner of his choice, champagne and cake. He was overjoyed with what he had for his birthday and his brother gave him money which was even better as he couldnt make up his mind what he would like.

This is my 16 year old baby with his cake on his birthday.

This is the card I made him. He loves top gear and sports cars and the faster the better lol.

This is his cake with his candle lit ready to blow out.


I went to Webbs garden centre a few weeks ago and they were selling a few houseplants and flowers off at discount prices so decided to get some along with a new much needed hose pipe.

this Gerbella I got at £2.99 instead of £4.99 its a really rich red which is standing on my pot stand in the lounge at the moment and when its hot the complete stand goes outside.

This orange one was on the TLC stand it was really in need of lots of TLC and we got it for £2.00 its gorgous and is on the stand with the red on

This one is a beauty and the photo doesnt give it its true colour. Its Oatmeal with a pink lip.

This is a bunch of Freesias which Webbs were selling off at £1.00 and these flowers lasted 2 weeks in my house just couldnt believe it in the house and lasting so long.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Poem Cj

This is the Favourite Poem Cj from the eternal Circle CJ on UKS I just love this poem brings tears to my eyes. The other is a card which I have made from an oddment of paper and an old birthday card.

The above card I used 4 spotty blooms and layered them bother and used a brad each on top of some scrap scrapbook paper and then added the words on the left from an old birthday card so part recycled card.

The above is the RHS of my poem cj

The above is the LHS of the Poem Cj

The above is the DLO I used the poem 'The Horses Prayer' and just added some horse eyelets

Monday, 15 June 2009

Home Town Origins

I signed up for a circle journal the other month on UKS it was the Eternal Circle Cj and because I like history I decided to do Home Town Origins. Meaning was your town origially called what it is today where did the name come from. My town is Anglo Saxon and means Two Windmills which it did originally have two windmills and the one is still there to this day.

This is my front cover the letter were cut from the cricut and I used a chipboard shape which I used a green stickle to give it a bright colour.

This is the LHS of my double layout.

The RHS of the double layout the photos are of the village how it used to be and boy have things changed and the Crooked House pub where a marble runs up the railings rather then down.

This is my Intro and Rules pages

This is the DLO with the sign in tag.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Its a Girl!!!!

Here are two (2) baby girl cards which I made the other week one was for me to give to my friend who had just become a Grandmother she was over the moon with the card and the baby it was wonderful to talk to her about the wee thing. Just waiting on photos now. The bottom photo is a card I made for a friend to give to the same person.

More Baby Cards

Here are some baby cards which I have made for boys or girls which as I know the person/baby will be adding finishing touches to the cards. I have had 2 people who have had grandchildren in the last 4 weeks so decided to do baby cards well you never know do you.

Monday, 8 June 2009


I signed up for a Button Swap on UKS the other day and rather then order online I went to my Button Lady over Shipley area. I really hope the people like the buttons. This is what I bought for the swap and for me too.


Here are some more of my animal theme cards from a previous swap on UKS which I made and for my stock box.