Monday, 7 December 2009

Disney Cj.

This is a new Cj which I started last month on UKS. Its the very 1st themed Cj I have taken part in, as I just lovvve Disney it was right down my ally. I decided to do my Cj on World Showcase in Epcot as we all loved that park. Below is my entry.

Above is the front cover of my CJ.

Above is the tags I made for the journal in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Above LHS of the journal.

The RHS of my journal.

The full DLO of my journal. My entry is on Japan.

My son is 19!

Wow 19 years old it doesn't seem 5 minutes since he was born a wonderful baby and a gorgous son. The years have sped by with not one bit of trouble from him.
Here is two cards I made for his birthday one from me and one from his brother.

Above is the card I made from me.

This is the card I made for DS2 to give his brother.

Dogs 6th Birthday!!!

Here are a few photos that were taken last month when my parents dogs were 6 years old.

Their Birthday cake.

Champagne to toast their special day!

Above is Corky

Above Tinky with my DS2.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Christmas Cards

Here are a few Christmas Cards that I am sending to a few friends I just hope they are nice enough.

Cjs and Layout.

This is a layout I did a while ago and some Cjs from the Eternal Circle Cj over on UKS.

Above is the Love and Marriage CJ which I downloaded the song to Love & Marriage I added a large heart shape button too.

above is the Inquisition Cj which I did on my favourite Tv programme well I couldn't pick one programme so I selected some of my favourites.

This is a layout of my youngest son when we used to go to Wales for most of the school summer holidays we took his scooter and my other sons scooter and they would play for hours on their toys.


Well I haven't blogged for an absolute age and I don't know where the time has gone. Here are a few photos of what I bought at the NEC last month. I bought loads more but still havent managed to take photos of that.

Above some of the reels of ribbon I bought I must have bout about 30 different ribbons.

Above Brads, Ribbons, Buttons and some cards and stickers.

Above just loads of different types of stickers.

Just some of papers I got must have bought like 100s of papers I got home and the boys loved going though these papers and even said what I should use them for if I ever get chance lol.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Playful Pets Cj

This was my 3rd circle journal on UKS its was a 'Pets' Cj and each of us chose a Pet subject me I just chose 'Playful Pets' as I love to watch my cats doing summersaults in the house when jumping for their toys or my parents two dogs running that fast it looks like they are flying.

Here is my completed Cj:

My front Cover using a paw print paper and chipboard letters.

My introduction and rules pages.

My page of my late cat Jess who died 2 years ago and sadly missed.

My New Play mate by Karlotta

Pilchard by Glitter fairy.

Oscar by dongee

Millie by sharonk

Bracken by gailie

All my bunnies by Binky

Carefree Style by willow the wysp

Bruno is so playful by Suzysuzy1

My sign in/out page.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My Name Cj

This is a Cj entry I completed about 10 days ago it was part of the CJ Lovers cj on UKS. I just loved this one researching my official name. Juliana I never use that name apart from official documents really. This was a great Cj and I just loved it might borrow this theme for another Cj.

Below is my double page.