Sunday, 31 May 2009

New Cards!!!!!!!!!

Here are some cards I did for a card swap on UKS and some for my stock.

The above is just some A4 paper which I have added a banner and some ribbon and stamped the image and added 3D pads.

The above is the same stamp and birthday paper but I have added cream ribbom to both sides.

The above and below photo is paw print card which I have added and used a Bichon dog stamp and some ribbon and banner.

All these cards I have used foil paper, or the paw print card and added ribbons, banners and just used the amimal stamps onto either the gold pearl card or white pearl card and used 3D foam pads to higher the image.

My Birthday

Here are a few things I had for my birthday and Yes I had craft goodies too yipee. I was so pleased with what I received the people involeved really looked into my likes and dislikes.

This is my cat Tommy who loves to knock down cards this I caught him as he was knocking all the cards down they went like an avalaunch lol it was so funny to watch him.

Above and below is from my dear friend and teamie Jane I had a gorogus gift from her and all that I use too. The double sided tape and 3D pads I am always using as I love decoupage.

This is off one of my teamies Sandi I have two teenage boys so this will be great for their pages as they are 16 and 19 I can't put kiddie paper with their photos so just love this.

This is from Sue another of my teamies I open this and just loved the buttons the new papermania collection of stickers I was shall I or shall I not buy but didnt buy it and so glad because I received one in my birthday gift which I will be playing with very soon.

The above is the birthday present I got from joining the May/June Birthday Swap on UKS I just loved the papers that she sent me but everything was so chosen for ME. Its woderful.

The above and below photos are what my children bought me for my birthday I love these two programme and I got box gift sets of the programmes - Well done boys!!!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Birthday Card

This is a birthday card I made for a friend at work I used a hot pink card with one of my embossing folders which in places gave it an old look and then I stamped the image on glossy white pearl card and inked round the edged. I placed 3D foam on the back to raise the image. I just added 2 flowers to one side.


Here are two cards I have done one for a friends birthday and the other is part of a swap I am doing on UKS.

The above is a card I did for my friend I kept the background plain as she is not a all singing all dancing person so just added a banner and the stamped image to the card.

Here is the card I am doing as part of the SWAP on UKS I have made them all the same except the flowers are all different colours. I stamped onto glossy card and shaped it then inked the edges and used 3D foam on the back. The card is embossed with the old Script embossing folder.

Cj Lovers

This is a Cj I am doing over on UKS. Its the Cj Lovers cj and this one is on 1987. I decided to do a news article on the Sea Disaster in Zeebrugge.

Its just a basic DLO with brads and a couple of buttons.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Sunny Boy!!!

Here is my youngest cat Sunny he is only 4 years old but what a mischief maker he is.

Sunny sleeping in the sun he is just like a baby.

Here is a layout I did on Sunny you can take loads of photos of this cat of mine but the other cat Tommy he runs like the clappers when he sees the camera is out.

My flowers and Garden

Well so far it has taken 3 years to get into a decent state but its coming on slowly yes but it is coming into some sort of order.

My youngest son even cut the grass at the front for me. Here are a few pictures.

Here is my youngest son doing the front lawn oh how he worked hard that day.

Above and below is the Cosmos which have started to flower I planted 6 in my old wheelbarrow it was a pack of mixed colours and so far the white and pink have started to flower

Here is a couple of plants from the front the lilas Rhodi is a plant that my dad did a cutting from his big Rhodi and this is what has come 2 years on its really coming nice now. The other is a Hot Pink flower but is a bit scraggy this I had for a belated birthday one year it really needs a good feed so hopefully next year it will look alot better.

this is what I bought from Webbs of Wychbold when it was all in bud as you can see loads of flowers and in a deep blue/purple colour.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Its a Boy!!!

My friend at work became a Grandma this week to a gorgous baby boy called Owen.
As I know her son as well I made a card for my friend and the parents. Here is my offerings.

This is the card I made for the parents of the baby I actually used my cricut which I hadnt used in a while. Just added peel offs to spell out 'son'.

One of my friends at work asked me to make a card so using the same cartridge 'Wild Card' I just added a flower and brad to the front of this card with the words 'Grandson'.

Above and below I used a nappy pin as the card and made the envelope with a nappy pin logo on the lid. Used wild card again.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Our Garden.

Thought I would share with you some of the plants we have recently purchased.

Above and below is the Dahlia we bought from webbs of Wychbold we loved this two tone effect. Below is a close up of the flower.

This is a plant which I cant even remember the name of I got it from our local farm shop that sells plants in the spring /summer I love this two tone effect and my son picked this one it was lucky dip as none of the plants were even flowering at the time of purchase. It was supposed to be for the hanging baskets of patio pots but we have put ours in a 3 tier display stand.

Not sure what this is but was assured it was a gorgous plant when it flowers we have this in our 3 tier plant stand not a hanging basket as was suggested but its flowering well and by summer we should have a stunning display.

This is our little patio Apple tree it only grows to 2 metres but its one of these you can grow on a balony or patio keep in its pot or move it to another. It should give us red eating apples this year. My son James is the gardener in this family and really wanted an apple tree so got this one from the nursery for £29.99 I hope it gives him some fruit.

This is my wonderful son James planting our beans we love growning our own veg he is just planting our beans in this photo but we have Cucumbers, tomatos, two types of potatoes, chillis, carrots and hopefully beetroot growing in the garden too.

this is a view of our beans with the sticks we are growing runner beans and french beans.

No Children

Well the day finally came and there was a lot of tear perhaps too many tears but another chapter in my life came and went.

In September 2008 i actually thought oh just a year and my youngest son would be leaving school well it wasnt a year it was actually only 9 month and for 6 weeks of those 9 months Andrew wasnt at school I was fighting to get him into school it was a right mix up at the time. But on the 8th May 2009 Andrew actually left school for good it was a day of lots of different emotions.

He just has two GCSEs to take one on the 18th May and one on the 1st June these are retakes of Maths and the SEN support didnt realise he was doing a retake till the Easter Holidays so when I go for his Special Needs review there is going to be alot of trouble thrown at the school by me. I have had plenty of ups and downs since the 8th but we now know we are round the corner and entering a different phrase.

On the 11th May I took Andrew for his interview to Dudley College for the DIDA course which he is interested in and was offered a place so come September 2009 I will have both my sons at Dudley College Andrew doing Level1 in computers and James doing Level 3 in computers I am pleased with how James has really come on with his BTEC computer course this year and still getting merits for his exams.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Anything and everything.

These are my two cats Tommy (left) and Sunny (right) I just had to take this photo as they are never together no even in the same room one has to be in one room the other in another so was really shocked to see them lying nearly together.
They do look rather cute though.

I bought these plants among others yesterday I just love the colour of these so just had to buy them. The others I bought just arent in flower yet.

This is my DS1 he is 18 and just hates his photo being taken well I was taking quite a few of my boys and he caught me out taking a photo of him while watering the plants so turned the pipe on me lol he found it so funny but then so did I.

This is the first very dark tulip I got to flower its gorgous and since this flowered I have managed to get another 4 and each one darker then the last just love these dark coloured tulips

This is a card I made for my friends birthday I used the die cut decoupage and some sticky ribbon I was going to put a banner on and thought oh that just doesnt look right so left it plain and simple.