Friday, 29 August 2008

My Wonderful Son!!

I managed to get hold of another storage system for my small flowers, ribbons, ric-rak etc. I filled them all up on the table and my son walks in with tool kit in hand and starts drilling in the one wall. What he was doing was putting my display on the wall so it was reachable to all of us as even the boys do some craft. I am so pround of my 17 year old and what a wonderful son I have for him to do this for his mother without me asking too.

Sunny in the Sun!!!

Just thought I would share two photos of one of my house cats - Sunny. Sunny is our baby of the family he is 3 years old atm and full of kitten behaviour still. The one thing he has over the older cat is he always manages to find the sunniest spot in the house. You can see from these pictures he is right at home so to speak when the sun catches him. When the sun goes in he meows like its my fault. Such a funny cat at times

Friday, 22 August 2008

I have managed to complete the last cj entry of the Food and Drink Cj that I am doing on UKS. I am quite happy with it but it just seems very plain for the space that I could play with. I did two recipes a lemony tuna pitta and muesli fruit bars. This cj was to see different types of food that could be put into a childs lunch box for school. I found this quite difficult as my children never took a sandwich box they had cooked meals, mind you glad they left the primary school now as if they were still there I would take them out of school the meals are soooo bad there.

I hope the owner of the cj will be happy with this entry.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

New Layouts

I have been busy trying to complete my horse album and now doing layouts for the team challenge on uks. So in order to do the challenge I managed 2 layouts and will see which one I claim my points for. The one I used a photo of me, my mother and my youngest son in Magic Kingdom, Florida. The other I had a good excuse to do another page for my horse album. Hope they look ok. Apart from that nothing has happened here really I have trapped a nerve in my neck and that is soooooo painful atm so its just a matter of waiting for that to ease up now.

Friday, 15 August 2008


Just some more photos of my dads paradise he can't spend all the time in his garden these days as he cares for my Nan (his mother) she can be hell at times so he made a garden in the carport which is like paradise when all the flowers open. They have one eldery lady at the top of the street and she does her annual walk about 11am just coming down to see the flowers and normally says its better then going to a flower show she had a major operation in June and is still getting over it but I normally stand and chat with her awhile. The other is one of the birds on the stand and he/she happened to turn the head just as I took the photo so just had to upload it.


This are layouts I did for my Horse album I am beginning to enjoy doing all the horse photos as at least I will get the album done and can start on the next project. Owyn was a gentleman in everyway and loved jumping he was a honest horse and wouldn't believe in refusing a jump. I used to make natural cross country jumps and go for mad rides which included these jumps and he just loved it giving me a wonderful buck at the end. I really miss him at time but you can't be a mother and a horse owner - too expensive these days anyway.


Ha Ha the title fooled you all didn't it. The layout is of my gorgous but rather naughty cat Sunny he is 3 years old but soooo cute. This is the first proper layout I have managed to start and finish since the start of the school holidays and its taken me 5 days to do this one I have been so angry with myself for taking so long of a subject I really enjoy - My Cats.

Sunny loves to get into trouble and then gets shouted out and he just looks so cute you can't be angry at him for very long.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Nature at its Best!

I thought I would upload some photos I took from inside my mothers kitchen. They have loads of feedstartions and one is directly in front of the kitchen window. While I was there a few weeks back there were loads of baby tits, greenfinches and long tailed sparrows coming to the feeding stations it was just wonderful to see the birds.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Well first full day back at home and boy were we busy we decided to paint Andrews bedroom in a light sky blue it looks really nice now it dried. But it took use from 10am till 10.45pm to sort the room out. James and I cleared the room of the bed and moved the heavy furnityure to the centre of the room I decided to wash the curtains while it was being painted too. Well the boys decided that they were going to paint less strain of my back as I have been feeling sharpe pains down my back for the last few days. Once it was left to dry I decided to go through all Andrews clothes and see what fit him and didn't. OMG I never knew he had so many clothes and we threw away 4 bags of clothes that didn't fit they are now waiting in black sacks for a charity to come round the street I used missed one too. The curtains are now clean and back up again and they boys are going through all the toys.

I decided to finish by friends DDs school album which I did to celebrate her leaving primary school so did the 2 last layouts and I managed to do a horse layout for my horse album I must have another 60 photos of Owyn just waiting to be scrapped.

The journalling reads 'Practice jumps at Himley Hall before our classes began. Helen and I always did a swap of horses before our class as we got clear rounds this way and was always in the jump off normally against each other. Helen is now a vet nurse in Australia.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Lost Time!

Well I have been a naughty blogger haven't I? I just don't know where the time has fled too. I completely lost 2 weeks while I was house sitting at my parents and going to see my Nan who was in respite care. The home was fantastic they couldn't do enough for the people in the home they used to come and bring a cup of sweet tea as they were signing off their shifts and sit with her and have a nice chat she has had a good time their but now she is back with my parents. My parent had a two week cruise on P&O cruises they went on a adult only ship they weren't as overjoyed with the ship as on previous P&O cruises but they said it was good food fantastic as always and they went in the Gary Rhodes Restaurent a few times too. They cruised right up to the North Cape and came back relaxed and very tanned.

I have been looking after their two dogs and the house with the parrot and budgie and trying to do some craft which was non exestant but managed to mat and layer some pictures for some cards I will make later on I must get on with my friends 2 albums now. Only a month till the children are back at school and that includes me. Still undecided if I should go back to college, care for my Nan or keep the dinner time job I have. We will see though.

Hopefully I will blog alot better now that I am home.