Monday, 22 March 2010

Tag Book

I made this heart shape tag book for my boyfriend just before Valentines day and just added photos of my two boys and romantic sayings inside. He just loved it.

Layouts and CJ

Below are a couple of layouts I did on my cats which I managed to do ages ago and never uploaded till now lol.

The above layout is of my baby Sunny doing what he does best rest in the craft/dining room with me he just loves his company.

The above layout is of my old man Tommy he loves to sit in the window and when Sunny starts being silly he gets off and hides in one of the bedrooms.

This is my entry for the Disney Cj over on UKS called Villains and sidekicks. My entry was jungle book


Here are some cards I have been making recently. They are all for stock except the CD card which was made for a specific person still at school who is well into her music.

Just used for music sheet background paper, a old disc which I put music notes on and stars and just put some ribbon and a 'just for you' peel off on the front.

The above is a 3D decoupage which I set on some scrap paper and just put a banner etc on .

The cards below are all medallion 3D peel off's which I set on different card and layered it and just added paper as a background and some ribbon and then just a banner.

The above is just a teddy card with loads of glitter on.

My Mothers Day

I had a wonderful mothers day this year my boyfriend spent the morning with me which I was overjoyed about and my dear boys 16 and 19 got me wonderful gifts.

The above and below is what my youngest son bought from all accounts it took him ages to decide what to get me and this rose plant is gorgous. I love roses.

Above is the plants in a gorgous pot which my eldest son bought me its gorgous and a pit the photo doesn't show the true colours. They also washed and dried up for me during the day too.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Mothers Day

Here is two cards I have made for mothers day, one is for my mum and the other is for my boyfriends mother.

This is one of the large square cards which I backed with pastel pink butterfly paper and added a pink and lavender glitter topper just added a 'Just for you' banner which I added 3D pads to lift it.

On this i used lavender backing paper and a ribbon with 'Mum' on and then added the topper on the one side and a 'All my love' banner with 3D pads to the left.


Here are a few layouts I have actually managed I dont normally like to upload my layouts as they are very basic.

Chipboard Alphas to spell out 'Puppy Love', Some doggie paper which I cant remember the make of, a paw print brad on the hearts and the hearts were cut using my cricut. The photo is of my parents two Bichons aged about 9 or 10 weeks old.

This is a layout of me when I was in Junior school just used loads of flowers, some school stickers, buttons and ribbons all in shades of blues.

This is one of my mother, me and my two boys when they were 4 and 7 at the sea-life centre in Blackpool on one of our day trips out.

Birthday Cards!!

Here are a few birthday cards I have made over the last 3 weeks to a month.

Most are 3D decoupage.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

photo of my two mad cats Tommy on the left and sunny is on the right.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Christmas Cards!

Just thought I would make a start on some Christmas Cards. I have done 10 in total so far but they are very similar in design so just uploaded these. They have just some Christmas paper to use as backing with ribbon and a 3D decoupage on the top some with a banner on.