Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Birthday Card

This is a card I made for my friends daughter on coming 15.

The stamps are the freebie ones from the Creativity Magazine. I used pink glitter card and pink ric rak as my backing and just some ribbon on the edge which I tied in a bow. I added '15' from the gold Peel off s. She is a very girly girl and I dont use pink as I have two boys so was well out of my comfort zone with this card but the daughter just loved it.


This is a 8x8 Cj entry I did in Dragonfly Jane's Cj on her dolls and dolls houses. I used Halloween type colours. The only problem I had with this I hadn't long come out of a sling after my shoulder operation so had to stay with a basic layout. The Cats which I used are also buttons which I got from my local button lady in a Garden Centre.
I really hope Jane likes this layout. I have left room at the top so she can add a title if she wants to.

Stock Cards

These again are cards I have made for my stock box so I can just take the cards out as and when I need one. The ones with the ladies on the backing paper again is a freebie one from the Scrapbook Mag and is really nice IRL its white and lavender. The Chinese style I backed onto a rose blow paint style paper and then placed onto 6 x 6 papers which I cut down to fit the card those I got free from a card making book, I am not a pink person but those pink freebie papers are gorgous. Just going to add some finishing touches before they get sent out.

Recycled Card

This is a card I made from a card I was given a few years ago and I cut off the excess added 4 tiny brads one on each corner and backed onto my card-blank. I have yet to add some finishing touches to it but it does depend who gets it to what I put on. The card Blanks I got from a lady at the Peterborough Show-ground a few years ago when I went to the big agricultural show.

Animal Cards

I basically did these cards as cards for men, but they could be used for anything really. The backing papers are all freebies from the Scrapbook Mag which in real life do look better. I just added the topper I made from the photos that should have be for home-made pyramid decoupage and I just matted it onto some bronze and silver card. Some of the cards are finished with banners eg 'Birthday Wishes', 'Just to Say', 'Best Wishes' etc others have been left blank on purpose until I use them.

Christmas Cards.

Yes I know doing Christmas cards in July is Taboo but I have completed all mine now apart from the odd relation. All these will be sent out to friends and these are not totally complete I will add the finishing touches like a Christmas banner just before they get sent. Some have 3D decoupage on the cards others have photo toppers that I have layered and placed on the card.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Christmas Cards

Here are a couple of Die cut decoupage Cards that I bought I managed to get the glitter everywhere with the big tree but IRL it is well worth it. I have managed to make the large card 6 layers in parts and the smaller A5 card is 5 layers at the base. The problem doing these large decoupage cards is you need lots and lots of 3D pads lol.

I am not sure who the above card is going to but it will be to one of the immediate family.

This is the card I have made up for my parents they will hate the size but love the design.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I had a operation on my Frozen Shoulder on the 7th June I had suffered with it for over two years and decided enough was enough so decided to have the operation. These are the flowers that the ladies who I work with at a primary school (Midday Assistants) bought for me when they knew I was out of hospital. I just love lilies and one of the ladies made it a point to get me some as well as chocolates.

We meet again.

These photos were taken on 15th May we had seen K since we left school oh a very long time ago lol so it was fantastic to meet up with her and have a good gossip about what we have missed. T was in the same year as us girls and I met up with him on New Years Eve after talking to him off and on through Friends and we are now seeing each other and have a fantastic relationship together, even my children (not so young children may I add) like him and its wonderful when your own children get on with your new relationship. We had a fantastic night at my house that night and have since gone up to K house too its just like we have never been away from one another.

My Birthday

Yes I know my birthday is in May - told you I was playing catch up lol.

This is all my craft items I got for my birthday from the birthday swap over on UKS and from my friend Jane aka Dragonfly Jane they are gorgous still not used any but since I am out of action due to a recent operation that's my excuse for not crafting lol.

Thank you for all my craft related birthday presents they will be used when I get my shoulder to work again.

Teddy Cards.

I bought these from the Create & Craft store at the NEC last year I think. These are gorgous cards with either a small rectangle or a oval cut out in the front with I put 3D pads on and put to the inside of the card. All the cards have bits of glitter on and IRL are really too nice to use but needs must and my need is space.


This is a layout I did on my friends daughter at her primary school leaving Prom. I did a complete album on the Prom for Jade and just had a few copies of the photos for me. Jade is like the daughter I never had so whenever there is school photos I always get a copy 2 years on and I still get phone calls or text from Jade and a girly glossip which we love to do any problems she always come to me which I am so pleased about I would hate to think she was being bullied and no-where to turn for help.

This layout is all in Lavender tones, with lavender glitter chipboard flowers.

Circle Journals.

As you can see from my previous two posts I am trying to play catch up on my blog. This is all the Cjs I have done but never managed to upload on here till tonight.

Above is the 'Water' Cj from the Disney Cj over on UKS I just knew what I wanted to do with this one I used to sit and watch this fountain for ages and wait for the fountain dance to the music which came on every hour it was fantastic the photos just dont show this off really.

Below are all the Cjs I have completed on the AMOPs Cj over on UKS I am really loving this Cj and would love to do another of this kind. Just hope the people like my entries.