Sunday, 9 October 2011

I am Back !!!

Wow I have been a bad blogger 2010 was my last post cannot believe where the time has gone.

Well what has happened I have had a lot of health problems the Panic attacks are a big issue atm but I am on meds and they are keeping me in check. These attacks came to a head in May this year when I was looking after a child at work and had to call the paramedics I was in a bad state of affairs and needed the first aider on call they had to take me home and I had to see the Dr the very next day who put me on Diazapan and was off work for 10 days. I had to give my job up lucky for me I had a office job to go to so that's what I am doing now in the office of a glazing firm.

I have been doing some Christmas cards which I will upload at some point this week there are loads so will choose some for you to look at I have done quite a few which I have recycled from last year.

In August I also got engaged to the love of my life no wedding plans yet just going to see what happens.

Lets hope I can keep up to date with this blog.