Sunday, 29 June 2008

Hit and Miss sort of Day

Well as you can see from the title it was a sort of hit and miss day yesterday (Saturday).

I was taken to the local A&E dept to have a double check on my health I have been in so much pain lately holding onto to door and walls for support had a 2 hour wait there but got a few answers. I have strained the muscles and lungs with my cold and coughing and my gp didn't prescribe strong enough painkillers. The hospital doctor was great very patient and a bit of all right iykwim. He prescribed some stronger tablets for the inflamation of my lungs and muscles and gave me some medication for the cold I have which in turn should clear quicker and then help to heal the lungs.

Went back to my parents to check on my Nan quickly and found her upset because I was in hospitalshe said she thought she would never see me again well I laughed and told her I was made of stronger stuff then that but when I left she was ok. Mum took me home with my eldest son and went off to the local farm shop which is now a garden nursery too so went round and bought loads of bedding plants and plants for my pts and trays and still only spent £8.50 they were all at 50p - £1.00 a plant or tray.

My elsest son is rather worried about me but just got to take it easy and take each day with a positive thought as I will get better and soon.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Jess and me

New Start

Well I am making a fresh start with this blog so cat lover has gone straight out of the window and in comes Scrappy Cats.

This time I will attempt to keep up with posting at least once every 2 weeks time can be very consuming.

My youngest DS has just finished his week as assistant caretaker for his work experience and my eldest is now looking forward to his new computer course that starts in September I do hope all goes well for him.

If I can get one layout done per week I will be so happy I am so behind with my crafting. Loosing weight is another must do this year.

So cheers to new starts and new beginings.