Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year.

Just like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!!!

May all your dreams and wishes come true.

Also thank you to everyone who has looked and left comments on my blog the comments have been a big inspiration to me as I lack alot of confidence and this has inspired me to do more.

Once again all the very best to you and yours in 2009


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Secret Santa

This is the secret Santa i did on the Crafty Swappers forum, I love doing secret Santas. The following are photos of what I received I couldn't get everything on one photo so here it is:

Took two photos of this as the one photo look a bit blurred and then my Ds said the maze book looked clearer on the one photo so you have both copies here. I just love the handmade flower embellishments on the left side of the photos.

The above photo is of the brads, stamps, tags and some of the ribbons I received.

These are some more ribbons, charms and the papers I received.

Wonderful assortment of gifts.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Team Secret Santa

The team I am in on UKS decided to do a team Secret Santa.
I had a wonderful Santa yet again ...... I opened the box and there wraped in tissue paper was a array of wonderfully wrapped christmas presents. This is what I received from this secret santa.

I just can't wait to play now the papers are so yummie and the Anna Griffin boarders are gorgous. Thank You so much Sandi.

Advent 25

On the 25th Day of Advent - Christmas Day my Santa gave me..............
Autumn Leaves Stamping Book

Its looks fantastic only flicked through the book so far but looks very good.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Just like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas to you and yours, hope you have a wonderful time and that Santa brings what you wish for.

Just like to say to everyone that has commented on my blog a big thank You!!!!.


Advent 24 Christmas Eve!!!!

Oh my its....... Christmas Eve!!!!!
Well on the 24th Day of Advent Santa gave me 2 wonderful black and white socks with a doggie design on them both. thank you so much Santa for this wonderful Advent Swap. I have loved all your presents.

These socks will be great for wearing with my boots for work.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

23rd Advent

On the 23rd Day of Advent Santa gave me ................
Some Floral Clear Stamps!

In 2009 I am going back into stamping so these are great - Just love these flower stamps.

Monday, 22 December 2008

22nd Advent

On the 22nd Day of Advent Santa gave me ........

Some Chipboard Letters

Really nice I am going to look forward to using these especially as DS has already spied them lol.

21st Advent

On the 21st Day of Advent Santa gave me ........
A gorgous 3 x 3 book and pen its in chocolate and Turquoise with sequins on.

Its gorgous the photo doesn't do any justice to the present.

20th Advent

On the 20th Day of Advent Santa gave me ............
Some Party Feet

Think these are going to be very much in demand if yesterday is anything to go by lol

19th Advent

On the 19th Day of Advent Santa gave me .............


Its a stick with a cat shape top and a phase which reads ' I can resist everything except temptation'

I believe its just for a plant but its so nice.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

18th Advent

On the 18th Day of Advent Santa gave me ...............

A beautiful green Organza bag with metal embellishments inside, below is what they look like; can't wait to start using them.

Birthday Card

I decided to make my own card for my friend we have known each other since we were 5 years old she is 6 months older then me and I managed to get her interested in craft when she had her stroke. Normally I buy card blanks and do some decoupage etc but today I throught I would do something different.

Well I used to bright pink cardstock and using my cricut and my new Wild Card cartridge I managed to do the above with the envelope and use some scraps for the front of the card. This is my first attempt at using the Wild Card Cartridge.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

17th Advent

On the 17th Day of Advent Santa gave me .........

Basic Grey Book Clips in a Ivory Organza bag. Looking forward to trying these out.

16th Avent

On the 16th Day of Advent Santa gave me ..........

A 6 x 6 paper pack by K&Co. They are the Tim Coffey Christmas papers and are gorgous.
Looking forward to doing a mini book with these.

Advent 15

On the 15th Day of Advent I received ............

A pack of Doodlebug Sugarcoated white brads. I just love these brads.

Advent 14

On the 14th Day of Advent I received a ...........

Butter Based Bath Melt - really looking forward to trying these out over christmas.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas Town

Went into my local garden nursery where they have the most beautiful coffe room and gift shop. There I spotted this Christmas village. It was £27.00 but oh its gorgous so I bought it and have set it on the old fireplace where it looks stunning and sets the lounge off a treat.

13th Advent

On the 13th Day of Advent Santa gave me these brads. They are stunning.

Can anyone tell me who they are by or where I can buy extra sets from.

Friday, 12 December 2008

12th Advent

On the 12th Day of Advent Santa gave me ........... Some ribbons

and they are gorgous.

10th Advent

On the 10th Day of Advent Santa gave me ..........

Some felt Christmas Tree brads. The best bit was I was only looking at these the other week thinking shall I or won't I ...... glad I didn't now I just love these.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

My Christmas Lights

These are photos from the front of my house which I thought I would share with you.

This shows the door, the dinning room and the 2nd bedroom my dear son wrote Ho Ho Ho on the door and window. Upstairs is a set of proper fairy lights the fairys are pink and cream with pink fur round their collars its the only pink things I seem to have, but they are mine.

Downstairs which came out a bit blurred and even Sunny our cat got in on the picture.

This is one of a set of two which are hanging outside the garage. The garage is never in use only for storage so its a good place for everyone to see these beautiful blue flashing lanterns.

This is of my snowman with a light up his bottom which we have had years his hat is getting a bit tatty but I refuse to loose Mr Snowman till the last possible moment.

This is the downstairs we have a set of permanent lights, snowmen lights and flashing lights on this window.

Neighbours Christmas Lights

This is the house across the road.........

She puts on a spectacular display of lights every year I love it when her lights go on but I am sure there are less lights this year.

11th Advent

On the 11th Day of Advent Santa gave me ..............
Some DCWV Rub-on Stitching Stitches and corners
They look fab I can't wait to start using them either.

The photo hasn't come up very clear but then they are very faint to see with the normal eye.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Colours Cj

This is the entry I did for the Colour Cj which is part of the Lucky Dip Cj on UKS. I do love most colours except Pink so found this really easy and did it straight away.

I went with Autumn colours of Brown, reds and orange with this DLO.

As I like lots of colours I decided to download a rainbow which has given the page a focal point and just added buttons and blooms with matching brads. Hope the lady likes it.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

9th Advent

On the 9th Day of Advent Santa gave me ........

A beautifull two tone red organza velvet bag - stunning once again Santa.

Inside the bag is assorted colours of flowers which are gorgous and some gem brads.

I love my flowers and brads my children say I collect them and not use them lol I can honestly say I do use them just have to buy them more often.

Birdie Birthday Card.

This is a birthday card I did this morning for one of my teamies on UKS she loves birds of the feathered variety. Its just a 3D decoupage using 3D pads and a Happy Birthday button with a peel off as the card is honeycomb embossed. inside was a saying about friends are special gifts.

Its come out rather blurred don't know why but you can't see the detail now.

8th Advent

On the 8th Day of Advent Santa gave me ...........

This wonderful accordion book. Might just fill this up of my boys just for me.

Monday, 8 December 2008

7th Advent

On the 7th Day of Advent Santa gave me ..........

This beautiful patchwork to hang on my door with a cat on the front. I just love it and I love animals especially cats, dogs and horses.
My Santa has really done some investigating work on me.

6th Advent

On the 6th Day of Advent Santa gave me...............

No its not a heart shaped Chocolate its a Butter Based Bath Melt its looks gorgous too.

All About Me!!

This is my entry for a Cj I am doing on UKS its the Lucky Dip Cj this one is 'All About Me'. I found this really hard as I never think of me at all and what I am or do. I used BG 6 x 6 papers and cut the cat and the word Cats out from my Cricut using Animal Kingdom and Teardrop.

Left Hand Side of the journal.

Right hand side of the journal with a picture of me and yes I did break the camera lol.

Friday, 5 December 2008

5th Advent

On the 5th Day of Advent I received........

Oh its stunning....... A beautiful two tone red organza bag with chipboard shapes inside.

Inside the bag was the following chipboard shapes:


A elf shoe/boot.

A Christmas Tree and Rocking Horse;

A Star and Christmas Tree - the tree can be inked to put on my christmas tree which James has already noticed so looks like I have lost that for a tree decoration next year.

A Pointsettia Flower

Oh I just love my Santa!!!!

4th Advent.

On the 4th Day of Advent Santa gave me ..........

Doodlebug - Simply Sweet Mini Rub On Alphas. They are really great and shall use those on my cards or mini books