Sunday, 29 June 2008

Hit and Miss sort of Day

Well as you can see from the title it was a sort of hit and miss day yesterday (Saturday).

I was taken to the local A&E dept to have a double check on my health I have been in so much pain lately holding onto to door and walls for support had a 2 hour wait there but got a few answers. I have strained the muscles and lungs with my cold and coughing and my gp didn't prescribe strong enough painkillers. The hospital doctor was great very patient and a bit of all right iykwim. He prescribed some stronger tablets for the inflamation of my lungs and muscles and gave me some medication for the cold I have which in turn should clear quicker and then help to heal the lungs.

Went back to my parents to check on my Nan quickly and found her upset because I was in hospitalshe said she thought she would never see me again well I laughed and told her I was made of stronger stuff then that but when I left she was ok. Mum took me home with my eldest son and went off to the local farm shop which is now a garden nursery too so went round and bought loads of bedding plants and plants for my pts and trays and still only spent £8.50 they were all at 50p - £1.00 a plant or tray.

My elsest son is rather worried about me but just got to take it easy and take each day with a positive thought as I will get better and soon.

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Pete B said...

This blog look is great. You're getting the hang of this aren't you!!!