Thursday, 11 December 2008

My Christmas Lights

These are photos from the front of my house which I thought I would share with you.

This shows the door, the dinning room and the 2nd bedroom my dear son wrote Ho Ho Ho on the door and window. Upstairs is a set of proper fairy lights the fairys are pink and cream with pink fur round their collars its the only pink things I seem to have, but they are mine.

Downstairs which came out a bit blurred and even Sunny our cat got in on the picture.

This is one of a set of two which are hanging outside the garage. The garage is never in use only for storage so its a good place for everyone to see these beautiful blue flashing lanterns.

This is of my snowman with a light up his bottom which we have had years his hat is getting a bit tatty but I refuse to loose Mr Snowman till the last possible moment.

This is the downstairs we have a set of permanent lights, snowmen lights and flashing lights on this window.

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