Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Assorted Layouts

Here are some layouts which I have managed to do over the last 3 weeks. These are really the first lot of layouts I have managed to do since my operation in June it was nice to get back into scrapping and joining a new team over on UKS has really been a big boost to my confidence.

Above is a layout of my nan she was celebrating her 96th birthday in the photo with me and her Great, Grandsons (17 and 15 at the time).

This is a layout of my youngest son on his first holiday abroad to Corfu.

This is my eldest son when he was alot younger on the prom ready for a day on the beach in Wales we just love this place and actually went back there this year and the lads were still full of it.

This is a layout of our only remaining Bichon he is 6 years old and such a active soul or was until 3 weeks ago when his brother died (same age)he is down a depressed little dog but he gets loads of attention from everyone.

This is my 2nd cousin Sophie this was taken in Wales she came over from Belgium to improve her English (which didn't need improving) and we spent 10 days in Wales one summer this was at Celtica do some traditional designs as face painting but she had it on the arm

This is my friends son I used to look after him every day until he went to secondary school and he used to pop in occasionally until that faded with his age lol. I lost contact with him and then about a month ago found him on facebook we have been chatting on and off since and its so pleasing to know he is doing so well at uni and has a gorgous girlfriend.

This is me with my first born son he was 3 months old when this was taken we have always been a close mother/son and even now he is coming 20 he is close and will do anything for you can't believe where all that time has gone though.

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