Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Whats Going On!

Hello again!

Not alot going on here at the moment we are in the middle of decorating well I am supervising my 17 year old son is doing the painting we chose feather for the lounge, when it first went on I thought omg what have I chose for the lounge it did look a dirty grey but since it has dried its a pleasent colour and really freshened the room up.

I am trying to scrapbook my horse photos this month doubt if I will win the challenge but I am having a go I have done 2 layouts so far and I must have about another 50 good photos of Owyn to do. Might not do them all might just put some in a photo album which I have just bought and its says its acid free.

James has gone out for the morning with his Grandad to Birmingham which is great for both of them quality time together. Andrew my youngest he is 15 and he is being picked up from school today for a interview at a local cattery for his Year 11 work placement just hope he behaves himself and is well mannered and polite like I have taught him to be all his life.

I thought it was going to be a nice warm day today but in reverse its quite breezy but at least its dry. I will upload some photos of my layouts when I get chance.

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