Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Lost Time!

Well I have been a naughty blogger haven't I? I just don't know where the time has fled too. I completely lost 2 weeks while I was house sitting at my parents and going to see my Nan who was in respite care. The home was fantastic they couldn't do enough for the people in the home they used to come and bring a cup of sweet tea as they were signing off their shifts and sit with her and have a nice chat she has had a good time their but now she is back with my parents. My parent had a two week cruise on P&O cruises they went on a adult only ship they weren't as overjoyed with the ship as on previous P&O cruises but they said it was good food fantastic as always and they went in the Gary Rhodes Restaurent a few times too. They cruised right up to the North Cape and came back relaxed and very tanned.

I have been looking after their two dogs and the house with the parrot and budgie and trying to do some craft which was non exestant but managed to mat and layer some pictures for some cards I will make later on I must get on with my friends 2 albums now. Only a month till the children are back at school and that includes me. Still undecided if I should go back to college, care for my Nan or keep the dinner time job I have. We will see though.

Hopefully I will blog alot better now that I am home.

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Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Sounds a busy old time. Enjoy the hols whilst you can. I would recommend going back to college, i just did last year and i love it