Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Well first full day back at home and boy were we busy we decided to paint Andrews bedroom in a light sky blue it looks really nice now it dried. But it took use from 10am till 10.45pm to sort the room out. James and I cleared the room of the bed and moved the heavy furnityure to the centre of the room I decided to wash the curtains while it was being painted too. Well the boys decided that they were going to paint less strain of my back as I have been feeling sharpe pains down my back for the last few days. Once it was left to dry I decided to go through all Andrews clothes and see what fit him and didn't. OMG I never knew he had so many clothes and we threw away 4 bags of clothes that didn't fit they are now waiting in black sacks for a charity to come round the street I used missed one too. The curtains are now clean and back up again and they boys are going through all the toys.

I decided to finish by friends DDs school album which I did to celebrate her leaving primary school so did the 2 last layouts and I managed to do a horse layout for my horse album I must have another 60 photos of Owyn just waiting to be scrapped.

The journalling reads 'Practice jumps at Himley Hall before our classes began. Helen and I always did a swap of horses before our class as we got clear rounds this way and was always in the jump off normally against each other. Helen is now a vet nurse in Australia.


Debsg said...

Finally got my son to sort his wardrobe this week. We too have black sacks full of outgrown clothes waiting for the charity van. (They're never around when you need them are they?)

voodoo vixen said...

Its a nightmare trying to keep up with growing boys!!