Saturday, 21 March 2009

Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers out there.

My mother I can't understand as she likes mothers day, but... its don't buy me anything and then when you do give her something its awwwww thats so nice and tell everyone whats she has had. My Dad on the other hand just doesn't believe in Fathers Day.

Anyway here are a few photos of what my boys gave me and what I gave my mother.

The above was in the plant which my eldest son gave me.

The above photos are of what I got given from my eldest son I had it early as he wants to treat me to a lie in on Sunday think the 2 boys have something planned.

The 2 photos above are what I was given today from my youngest son he is 15 and just wanted to find out what flowers I liked. I just said I like any flower and anything that you have chose and picked yourself.

The above card is what I made for my Mum I made the card on my cricut using the wild card cart and added a rose decoupage.

This is the basket of plants I gave my mother she moaned like normal but really loves them. She is just like her Dad for that.


Jane said...

Aww what lovely flowers.

SHEN'S ART said...

love the orange card you made, fab shape & lovely flowers on it.

my5bratz said...

lovely flowers, not Mother's Day until May here in Australia :0) glad you had a good day :0)