Monday, 15 June 2009

Home Town Origins

I signed up for a circle journal the other month on UKS it was the Eternal Circle Cj and because I like history I decided to do Home Town Origins. Meaning was your town origially called what it is today where did the name come from. My town is Anglo Saxon and means Two Windmills which it did originally have two windmills and the one is still there to this day.

This is my front cover the letter were cut from the cricut and I used a chipboard shape which I used a green stickle to give it a bright colour.

This is the LHS of my double layout.

The RHS of the double layout the photos are of the village how it used to be and boy have things changed and the Crooked House pub where a marble runs up the railings rather then down.

This is my Intro and Rules pages

This is the DLO with the sign in tag.


Julia Dunnit said...

What a great CJ subject...very interesting, things you never knew you never knew!

Mole said...

I'd not thought about this as a CJ topic - a great idea!

Debsg said...

That looks fab. Great pages.