Saturday, 27 June 2009

Birthday Boy!!!

On the 17th June my youngest son Andrew came the right old age of 16. He left school in May at still only 15 which I still think is not right especially as he is a SEN child.

Anyway here are a few photos, we celebrated with a special dinner of his choice, champagne and cake. He was overjoyed with what he had for his birthday and his brother gave him money which was even better as he couldnt make up his mind what he would like.

This is my 16 year old baby with his cake on his birthday.

This is the card I made him. He loves top gear and sports cars and the faster the better lol.

This is his cake with his candle lit ready to blow out.


Angie said...

Sounds as though Andrew had a great day.
I still remember my 16th ... in 1963 ... I had a 'Ready Steady Go' cake (after a pop programme like top of the pops)Those were the days lol
Loved the colours of your flowers in your previous post.

voodoo vixen said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Andrew! Its scary how fast they grow up!! He looks like he had a fun time and the cake would go down a treat with my coffee....

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh I have that dilemma Julie; my 'baby' will be 16 at the end of JUly and school finished waaaaay too soon. (About 5 years too soon if you ask me!) Best wishes and huge good luck to him as Andrew starts that stepping out thing!

Jane said...

Looks like he had a good time Julie, glad he enjoyed his day.