Thursday, 10 September 2009

Day 4 4th August 2009

This is a Photo I took from the balcony of the hotel the hotel has a cafe underneath this balcony and this particular night the singers/entertainment decided to walk the little square singing it was wonderful to see and so funny too.

Well Tuesday we woke up at 6.45 to a wet morning and the bells at the church in the high street ringing it must have rung for at least 5 minutes. Mum wasnt too good today her top of the leg/hip hurts, this morning I was in agony too with my frozen shoulder. Musthave been the change from wet horrible weather back home and warm damp weather here in Austria. After breakfast and painkillers we walked to the train station to catch the little train that works the valley up to Jenbach it was a really nice 30 minute ride with gorgous countryside and villages. At Jenbach we changed lines to catch the Cog railway oh that was a fantastic ride all uphill into the mountails and at the top was a massive lake this is where we boarded the boat to take us across the lake to one of the local towns by this time it was raining yet again so we headed for the nearest hotel and it was like the whole party headed for the same hotel lol. We had coffee and a gorgous coffee and walnut cake (very naughty). On our return to Mayrhofen we decided to wander round the town we witnessed a massive funeral in the town church there were loads outside the church too with a screen we later found that 200 from the funeral where in our hotel and the funeral was a teenager (19) who died on the mountains trying to save a young child.

Pictures of the houses on the side of the lake we crossed today.

One of the hotels on the lake.

this is the Zillerbarhn that goes from Mayrhofen to Jenbach.


Scrappincaz said...

Whos been having a wonderful holiday then??? Looks like you had a lovely time - not that I'm at all jealous of course.....

Julia Dunnit said...

I am so enjoying your journal and photos. Austria is so lovely. I don't expect the weather was any better here either!