Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Day 8 - 8th August.

The coach we travelled in named: 'The City of Cambridge' fantasic coach and very comfy.

Our last part of the journey home and again up very early 5.40am and was enjoying breakfast at 6.10am the breakfast was very good; fruit, yoghart, cheese, cold meats, toast, bacon etc. Headed off for 8am after handing our overnight cases to Tom at 7.20. We passed quite a few landmarks including a racetrack Micheal Schmacker had set up for the kids and big kids at heart. On our way we passed into Holland, Belgium and finally France and took the eurotunnel (I hate that thing would rather sail anyday). We met up with Nigel who was driving from Switzerland and we met at Eurotunnel. Once into England another change of watches for the correct time and both coaches stopped at Crawley so we could change coaches we were changing onto Nigels coach as he was doing the Hopwood Services, Dudley and Wolverhampton drop offs. Our coach was being used for the Birmingham and Walsall drop offs and a feeder was being used for the Lichfield drop offs. We arrived at our drop off point at 6pm where my Dad was there to meet us it was great to see him again but a huge relief to see my boys after a week away and finding out what they had been up to lol.

The Choo Choo which we rode in, in Mayrhofen round the town and area.

View over the River Rhine taken from inside the coach.


Julia Dunnit said...

The whole thing looks ike a marvellous trip, bet you'll miss the views next time it's a rainy bus journey for shopping!

my5bratz said...

sounds like you had a fab day :0)