Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tommy and Sunny

These are two layouts I have recently done they are both for my cat album these two are going into one album but I have a seperate album for my departed cat Jess. Sunny is the baby at 3 years old. I enlarge the photo of Tommy he looked very regal in this photo so deceided to enlarge it to give it a bit of wow factor. I used 3 strange photos of Sunny for this weeks challenge on UKS and it has worked to a degree. I am not over impressed with the layout of Sunny think some other colour should be included but the challenge was black and white. Sunny is another Jess sits with me all the time even in front of the computer while I am typing away.

Off to Learn-direct today for some assessments on English and Maths see if I can get my grades higher I never had a English Qualification as the school I went to said I would fail so never entered me into English so I have a point to prove really, its taken a very long time to try and prove it though. Maths I have the equal to a GCSE C grade so want to up that a bit. Hope I get through it.


Enfys said...

Lovely LOs. Good Luck with Learn Direct. My dearest recently passed the Maths one after being told he was useless in school!

jay670120 said...

Lovely L/os
good luck with the learndirect thing too x