Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Nothing here!!!

Well not alot going on here the weather here has been very cold and wet today I suppose because I feel all bunged up with a cold and infection I feel so much more colder and out of sorts. I havene't done any craft at all today so perhaps I will do a bit later on today. I actually signed up to do 2 learn direct courses in Maths and English, they like you to do in one stage at a time so I am doing Maths first and when I have passed that will start on the English. Must do some more maths today but really cannot concentrate at the moment.

Still trying to sort my DS2 out with the school - the school is driving me up the wall at the moment so I am really considering going to the papers and having something put in there you know the feeling name and shame etc. He has not done a full week since they started back in September 2008.

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