Monday, 29 September 2008

New CJ!

I have signed up for two new circle journals this month this one is for another forum and the first sending is Wednesday. I decided to do Ghost sories either true or fiction but has to be from the local area to where you live. The Starts are my signing in page I have used the school where I used to attend and my children have/are attending there are lots of stories about the Grey lady that haunts the old library, science block and cookery dept and also about the hidden tunnels to Dudley Castle. The other is the Station Hotel which was on Most Haunted in series 1 or 2. I managed to get those ghost buttons at a garden centre the other week they are so gorgous and gives such a impact.


Ruthy said...

Nice CJ. We had a grey lady that hunted our school may be she travels the country LOL

Jane said...

Lovely CJ, the ghost stickers are great.