Monday, 20 April 2009

Spring has sprung

These are our tomato plants which we grew in the house and transplanted over to the greenhouse at the weekend. We normally do very well with our tomatos but decided against the black and yellow ones this year.

This is our first ever raised bed last year we have our main crop of potatoes in there but once they had been pulled we decided to have it has a flower bed this picture is with the daffs, tulips and primroses in there with a few cottage flowers.

This is a photo of a very deep purple tulip we didnt realise we had this colour especially in the pots on the patio but found we have 3 so far.

These are my gorgous cats sunbathing in the sun this morning I managed to get this photo quickly as they dont normally lie in the same room let alone together. The sun must have gone to their heads today.


Linda Elbourne said...

Great pictures - good luck with your tomato crop!

Jane said...

Your tomatoes look good ones Julie, your cats are so cute.

my5bratz said...

gorgeous's autumn here in Oz and been soooooo cold and miserable lately..can't wait for spring

thanks for your kind comment on my blog :0)

Enfys said...

Love the garden! I just have a few pots and am hinting for more! Good luck with the tomatoes.

Annie said...

What lovely flowers, definately a reminder that spring is here.