Thursday, 14 May 2009

No Children

Well the day finally came and there was a lot of tear perhaps too many tears but another chapter in my life came and went.

In September 2008 i actually thought oh just a year and my youngest son would be leaving school well it wasnt a year it was actually only 9 month and for 6 weeks of those 9 months Andrew wasnt at school I was fighting to get him into school it was a right mix up at the time. But on the 8th May 2009 Andrew actually left school for good it was a day of lots of different emotions.

He just has two GCSEs to take one on the 18th May and one on the 1st June these are retakes of Maths and the SEN support didnt realise he was doing a retake till the Easter Holidays so when I go for his Special Needs review there is going to be alot of trouble thrown at the school by me. I have had plenty of ups and downs since the 8th but we now know we are round the corner and entering a different phrase.

On the 11th May I took Andrew for his interview to Dudley College for the DIDA course which he is interested in and was offered a place so come September 2009 I will have both my sons at Dudley College Andrew doing Level1 in computers and James doing Level 3 in computers I am pleased with how James has really come on with his BTEC computer course this year and still getting merits for his exams.

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