Thursday, 14 May 2009

Our Garden.

Thought I would share with you some of the plants we have recently purchased.

Above and below is the Dahlia we bought from webbs of Wychbold we loved this two tone effect. Below is a close up of the flower.

This is a plant which I cant even remember the name of I got it from our local farm shop that sells plants in the spring /summer I love this two tone effect and my son picked this one it was lucky dip as none of the plants were even flowering at the time of purchase. It was supposed to be for the hanging baskets of patio pots but we have put ours in a 3 tier display stand.

Not sure what this is but was assured it was a gorgous plant when it flowers we have this in our 3 tier plant stand not a hanging basket as was suggested but its flowering well and by summer we should have a stunning display.

This is our little patio Apple tree it only grows to 2 metres but its one of these you can grow on a balony or patio keep in its pot or move it to another. It should give us red eating apples this year. My son James is the gardener in this family and really wanted an apple tree so got this one from the nursery for £29.99 I hope it gives him some fruit.

This is my wonderful son James planting our beans we love growning our own veg he is just planting our beans in this photo but we have Cucumbers, tomatos, two types of potatoes, chillis, carrots and hopefully beetroot growing in the garden too.

this is a view of our beans with the sticks we are growing runner beans and french beans.


Sara said...

Lovely garden pics Julie, and welll done to your son getting into college.

Sara x

Linda Elbourne said...

Lovely pictures!

Jo Power said...

what brilliant photo's I love the two tone effects on the flowers.

Angie said...

Hope you get your apples ... great pics of your plants. You are so lucky to have such a green fingered son.

Julia Dunnit said...

How lovely that your son is so keen to garden. I like it to look nice, but am not hugely keen. Lovely pics of the flowers.

Inspiration Alley said...

Beautiful photos.

Jane said...

Lovely photos of your garden Julie, James looks hard at work planting out.