Wednesday, 1 July 2009


My cats they can be such horrors one day and such cutie pies the next. Bless them for all the different characters they are I love them to bits.

My eldest cat he loves his comfort - I had just taken the winter blanket off the bed when this photo was taken and bam he jumped straight onto it and made himself at home and went to sleep.

This is my little terror always into something or other, here he is trying to get under the tablecloth which he didnt quite do and it was great fun watching him try. He had me and my DS1 in stitches watching him.

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Angie said...

ahh ...I've one that does that. Once he burrowed into a douvet ... before the bed was made ... and I sat on him, luckily mainly on his paws. Cant remember the last time I moved so fastlol.