Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Day 2 - 2nd August

The hotel we are staying in, in Mayrhofen, Austria.

This was taken from the lounge bacony in our hotel the photo is just over the road I took it once the lights started to come on all the buildings.

These are some of the hops that goes into the German beers took this from inside the coach as we traveled from Germany into Austria.

This is a photo of the French Concorde and the Russian Concordski I took this from the banks of a German Service Station facing the air museum where these were situated.

We were up reasonably early at 6.15am and straight down to breakfast which was rather good and onto the coach for a 8am start Limburg was beautiful what we saw of it and I for one would gladly stay there again.

From Limburg we made our way to Austria. We stopped at a service station for lunch which we had a forrest fruits cake and managed to take photos of the concorde which was in the German Air museum.. We continued our journey it was hot we were in 30C. So think we were glad of the air conditioning in the coach. As we made our way though Austria we had snow, heavy rain and thunder storms not a very good start to our holiday. We arrived at the Neue Post Hotel at 5.15pm it looked gorgous from the outside we were told we were in room 16 on the 3rd floor yes I know 3rd floor for such a low number we opened the room with a key not a card and wow the room was wonderful it was very big the beds were comfy which I had to try out lol abd then you walked into the bathroom I just burst out laughing the window had clear glass the hotel opposite which is the annexe to our hotel could see righ in. We had views of the main street and the mountains. Dinner was at 7pm this is where we were introduced to everyone properly we were sat at a table with a couple the same age of my parents and a single lady a bit older then me. Dinner consisted of a comsume' soup with strips of pancakes in, pork in breadcrumbs with chips and veg and a coconut cake it was nice the pork was very dry though. Mum and I returned to our room and chatted we had wine in the room which we had a take out from the coach and as we were chating the thunder took hold yet again it was massive the rain was unbelievable it was like a river coming down the streets we ended up chatting till 11pm but those bed wow they were comfy the best nights sleep I had in months.


Carmen said...

Concordski makes me chuckle :D

It looks like such a lovely place to visit.

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah weiner schnitsel! My parents pushed us as reluctant tenagers around the places you are visitng - they are so lovely, how I wish I'd appreciatedit more back then!