Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Holiday Day1 1st August

Above Limburg Cathedral

Our day dawned bright and early, it was a early start for us I was up at 5am to sort things out and leave notes for my two boys (16 and 18). Dad picked me up at 5.20am to be in the pick up place at 5.30am. The coach arrived at 5.40 and has us all board and off for 5.50am great start and on time he was such a young driver and good for such a big coach. We had a nearly full coach when we got on and was heading to Hopwood Services where the feeder coaches were waiting for us to load the last of the passengers. Then it was onward to the tunnel (I hate the tunnel much prefer the ferry). Upon reaching France it was really warm but it was not till we reached Belgium and got out for lunch that we realised how hot it was 28C wow it was nice to feel the sun after all the rain at home. Mum and I didnt feel like having a meal so decided on our first piece of cake a strawberry tart it was tasty but very expensive. We continued our journey into Holland and then Germany and made our way to Linburg. We arrived at our hotel The Golden Tulip in Limburg at 7.03pm, this town is also twinned with Lichfield. We were booked into a wonderful room overnight on the 2nd floor. The fun was trying to get into the room it was a card ush in and out right - no. It was put the card in the slot, pull the door knob and twist lol the fun we had trying to get in and there was five families really close who we could not do the door lol we did in the end but laugh bet the germans thought they had a load of nutters in town. We both had a bath before we ventured into the town and off we went we walked upto the catherdral and took loads of photos we both walked with just capped sleeves it was so warm eventually finding a wonderful pub/restaurent wooden tables and benches, shields coats of armour etc fantastic would love to stay here longer but never mind after dinner had a steady walk back to the hotel after looking in the shops lol.

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Mole said...

Sounds like you had a fab time. The weather looks excellent, too, judging by the lovely blue sky in your photo!