Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Day3 - 3rd August.

9,000 ft up the Hintertux glacier this is one of the winter ski runs.

The cable cars that take you up to 11,000 ft up the Hintertux

My yummmmmmy strawberry cake

Above and below the horse and carriage we went on round Mayrhofen

The gorgous Apple Strudel we had at 9,000 ft up the Hintertux.

We both had a wonderful nights sleep and woke at 8.15 and went down for a wonderful breakfast of differents breads, jams, honey, pate, marmalade, eggs, toast, tea coffee and yoghats and fruit. After breakfast had a wonder round the town and came back to take photos of the horses for the 1st group we were on the 2nd group. We wandered round the hotel taking photos it was like a gothic castle with the different thing away in corners. At 10.30 we went on our horse ride it was beautiful the sun was shinging and it was very warm went round the outskirts of the town and saw loads of gorgous houses the ride lasted just over 1hr and then went up town for lunch which was a cake lol no good for dieters in Austria they make amazing cakes mum had a apricot cake which looked just as good as the strawberry one. Once back we changed and met at the coach for one of our first trips up the Hintertux as we headed there it started to rain the cloud came down and was such a pity as when we were up there if the cloud had lifted it would have been gorgous and we would have been able to see for miles the skiers were actually coming down as we went up. This is the glacier that the British team train on. We went up to 9,000ft and decided that because of the low cloud it was a waste to head on up to the 11,000 some did and they said you couldnt see your hand in front of your face. We had a large slice of Apple Strudel with a Vanilla sauce while up the Hintertux and took some photos and film for our DVD. After the trip we generally wandered round and phoned home had drinks and dinner and sat on the balcony talking with other guests it was gorgous.


Anne said...

Looks fabulous - especially the cake!

Julia Dunnit said...

It is sounding marvellous Julie. Love that you fell for the austrian patisserie - irresistible!

my5bratz said...

wow, some fantastic photos...can't wait to see the

Debsg said...

Great pics - that misty one made me feel cold! The cake looks delicious.

Mole said...

Oooh, Mayerhofen! I stayed there a very long time ago with a friend, and we were in a small pension next the the charilify. We went in the summer time and got tans! It's a lovely place - I hope you post some more photos so I can see if I remember any of it!

Carmen said...

Those cakes! Yummmm! They both look amazingly delicious.