Thursday, 15 October 2009

Ghost Cj

I haven't been putting all my Cjs on my blog and someone asked to see them I said well I haven't put any on my blog the answer well why not, so after that I have decided to put my circle journals on here.

Here is the first one called Ghosts.... I wanted ghost stories from the area you live in.

Front Cover with buttons on.

Above is the rules and instructions page.

Here is a story from the Ellowes Hall School there are lots of ghosts stories from this school as the land used to house a manor before it was bought for school purposes.

Above and below is the Station Hotel in Dudley where Most Haunted filmed once

Above is Ghost Legends of Wales by Bookworm

The white lady by Mistyrat

Essex across the Centuries by New2this

The Flowers by Sandy

Got this Cj back about February 2009.


Anne said...

Great theme for a CJ!

Kay said...

Cool theme, especially at this time of year.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Very appropriate theme for October! Love those ghost buttons! Thanks for sharing....but quite glad not to hear the ghost stories....I'd have nightmares!!

Bernie said...

oh what a great theme for a cj - may have to nick that sometime in the future when I've got over the CJs I'm in and am brave enough to do another...I usually need a gap to forget all the late postings and quick turnarounds, lol!! Looks great, and must be so interesting!!
Bernie x