Sunday, 6 July 2008

Its been a busy weekend this time. Went shopping at Merry Hill for odds and ends before my Nan goes into a Old Peoples Home on the 20th July she is only going in temperary for 2 weeks while my parents go on holiday but Nan seems to need everything new. Also went and got her some reading material and while in WHSmith saw the Fonz from Happy Days signing copies of his new book. I was looking after Nan in the afternoon while my parents had 3 hours of me time on their own away from caring for Nan. Today wasn't too bad had dinner down my parents which was yummie isn't it funny how dinner tastes so much better when you don't cook it lol. Nan was giving so much of her jewels to me and the boys (she thinks she will die very soon) the one watch she gave me is very old and the cameo that is coming to me which she did show me was her grandmothers. She has also asked me to have her engagement ring too.

Tonight I have sorted all my horse layouts into their own album and its looking good so far still have loads to do though think this will keep me busy for quite a while.

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