Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Nothings Going on Here!

Not alot happening here I have nearly completed Jades memories scrapbook an 8 x 8 of all the teachers she has had in her primary school life I have left a few words for her just hope she likes it. Her prom went very well and she had a beautiful dress (see photo below). I am about to tackle her prom ablum in a 12 x 12 and would love to find lavender/jade/pastal girly colours for her. I have completed 2 cj entries this month already and really pleased with them. I had another cj returned home to me too and that was gorgous all about our playful pets.

On Monday I went to see the KS2 summer performance called 'A Night on Broadway' doing bits of popular films and shows it was a fantastic afternoon all the children should be so proud of themselves. I am off to see Jades leavers evening on Thursday night and that will be a tear jerker, better take plenty of tissue that night.

I will try and upload some photos of my cj later on.

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