Tuesday, 8 July 2008

This is a card I made for my mothers birthday in June her birthday falls 1 week after my sons birthday he was due on the same day but with one thing and another decided to come a bit early. Anyway the card was of a Bichon Frise she owns two Bichons so the subject was great. So far we have had 4 Bichons the last two died at 18 years and 16 years so these have a while to go yet at only 4 years old. Dad loved this card and even now has kept the card up for people to see I can't believe that card is still standing should have come down weeks ago. I must make a start on my christmas cards I normally start about March but because I have bought a load this year I have delayed making them this year. I think its the postage really as I do alot of decoupage and thats what puts the postage up quite a bit.

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