Tuesday, 10 February 2009

1st Days.

This is a layout I did of DS1 on his first day at primary school and 1st day at secondary school I was going to do seperate layouts but think I must have given his dad a few photos and i was short.

Used stickers and paper from poundland chipboard letters to spell 'James', i used a tage from the MK from the recent UKS cybercrop which reads' Your first day at Roberts in Reception with Mrs Beattie you loved that teacher. Then your first day at Ellowes you didn't look big enough to go there but you loved the school'. James is 18 now and cringes at these photos lol.


Emilie said...

Lovely LO!

lindschick said...

Cute Lo, bless them.

Jane said...

Great layout, the title looks great.