Monday, 9 February 2009

Daughter Cj

This is the entry I did for the Lucky Dip Cj on UKS. This cj was about 'My Beautiful Daughter' the lady supplied all her own photos and we chose the ones we used. I have to say she is a most stunning young lady.

This is the left hand side of the cj i put the photo on the angle to give it more depth and used PM alphas I can't remember the make of the papers but thought lavender would go well with the papers just added a few blooms.

This is the right side of the cj. Sorry about the flash back I kept this photo straight so I could use the title Iwanted 'True Beauty' I set some small primas on the two corners of the photos to off set the rose.

This is how the two pages look. I hope Penny likes this for her daughter I am always a little scared when using someone elses photos.


Catherine said...

I am sure she will. You ahve done a fantastic job!

my5bratz said...

never done a CJ..or scrapped with someone else fotos..Im too

great job :0)

Jane said...

Love the layout, to carry on the flower theme from the photo works really well.