Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Broken Window.

This is a photo of what the local yobs did and yes I will call them yobs they are in either year 10, 11 or 6th form think I know him but can't prove it well they threw a snowball at 11pm at night and bang..........

One broken window, I did call the police they have actually given me a crime number and booked it as criminal damage so at least something is being done but I think I am a target here as the kids from the local secondary don't do it to any of the neighbours only my house so really am considering moving house. I had it reglazed with laminated if it lay to me I would have had vanderlite in and let the stone bounce back and hit the litter blitters but...... it doesn't look very good in a private property so laminated went in. To add insult to injury the kids started throwing again on the afternoon see if they could brake any more so I phoned the police again they did come round what the one said about the local kids is unrepeatable.

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Pete B said...

Hi Julie, sorry to hear about yer window.. which one is that?

I'll be in touch via email soon ok?