Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Favourite Place Cj

This is the Cj Lovers Cj that I am doing on UKS. I love all these subjects as everyone is so very different. this one was on 'My favourite Place' it could have been in the house, garden, day trips or holidays. I chose my last holiday to Disney Florida where we stayed in the Coronado Springs Resort in Disney it was fantastic. I took my mother on this holiday who is anti Disney and came back loving it and telling everyone how fantastic the holiday was and how wonderful the hotel was.

This Cj was made from Coffee Filters and think I am going to copy the idea if I can.

This is the LHS of the Cj and shows part of the Reception/Restaurents etc by the lake.

This is the RHS

This shows the full view of the Coffee Filter Cj.


Anne said...

What a lovely CJ - coffee filters is such a good idea. I'm always amazed at the stuff people think of to make books out of!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh clever. Photos of that hotel are just gorgeous!

my5bratz said...

I NEED a holiday, fab CJ

allyf said...

what a fab idea to use coffee filters. love the different shape.