Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cards and Cjs

Well here I am trying to catch up with my blog this entry is the CJs and card I did in July.

Above is a card I made for one of a casual dinner lady collegue she was 60 just after we left work her birthday being on the Sunday as we finished on the 17th we arrange a bouquet of flowers for her too.

This is the Coast Cj I did I found this quite hard as all the coastal photos I had my two sons were in every photos so I took a different route and downloaded some pictures from the internet. I added a number of different pictures and added text under it and put some shells on each page.

This is the one Cj I was not looking forward too it was far out of my comfort zone and it was Gothic characters I went for teh Fallen Angels the only thing I know about Goths is they used Black, Purple and Green. I used Black and red for this layout and it seems to have worked ok with the subject I chose.

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Julia Dunnit said...

You've been busy! The 'out of our comfort zone' stuff seems to work well for you!